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New Generation Employees & Motivation

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Motivated employees are a vital objective for any organization. Employee empowerment is an important motivational tool in the current scenario of New Gen employees. This paper talks about new generation employees and their motivation. The environment and conditions which help the New Gen employee with enriched enthusiasm, commitment and creativity is the buzz. Flexible and friendly working conditions boost their morale and create an environment for healthy working.

Human Resources Department’s duty is not just limited to formulating policies, but also creating an environment which truly translates the vision of the organization to reality and implement the mission.


The employment landscape is changing every day. Technological change, artificial intelligence and big data are challenging the existing order of things. Motivating employees mean enabling the performers to do their best and obtain the desired results. Winning formula of any organization is “Performance through employees”. Employees’ motivation is always one of the greatest challenges faced by organizations, especially with new generation employees. The new generation employees are not fully motivated, lack of confidence in their leadership and feel that the old style loyalty bonds have broken down. Motivation can be built through clear communication and 100% transparency. Organization success purely depends on the employees who are positively motivated and having high level of commitment. Motivation and intelligent management of rewards provide the means.

Since India is a diverse country, workforce is also made up of persons from widely varied backgrounds. It is the primary responsibility of Organisations to undertake their commitment to the welfare / motivation of employees. Executing of motivational schemes is vital aspect in the present scenario to achieve balanced growth and development and the well-being of the employees as a whole. Organizations must abide by with respect to the dealing of their employees in reference to motivation / welfare implementation by HR and to bear productive work culture.

“To win the market place, you must first with the workplace” … Doug C Employees are core of any organisation. Without employees, no organization can function and prosper. The new gen employees’ imperatives have undergone remarkable changes in the new millennium. The liberalized economic environment brought drastic changes in business world.

New Gen Employees & Motivation

“In order to a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters to your people” … Julie Bevacqua

Intrinsic Motivation

The self-generated factors influence employees to behave in a particular direction which includes responsibility, freedom to act, scope to use and develop skills and abilities, interesting and challenging work and opportunities for career advancement.

Extrinsic Motivation

This includes rewards such as hike in remuneration, compliment or promotion. The extrinsic motivations can have an immediate and powerful effect.

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New Generation employees are millennial generation. They have different point of view when compared to their managers. They are grown up in the digital world with Smartphones, Facebook, and WhatsApp which moulded their views. They are most educated, knowledgebale and culturally diverse. They don’t like traditional hierarchies. This generation employees do not believe in spending their whole career at one or two companies, they want to move from one place to another. They do not want to be a part of traditional, outdated, top-down organizations.

Hence, organisations and HR Leaders should think about re-engineering the policies and talent philosophies so that new gen employees take ownership of their career and performance. Generally, employees are known for their strength and loyal to their organisations and managers. New gen employees are always a step ahead and they want to drive the organisation and lead the managers.

So, organisations should enable new gen employees to make more and bigger decisions and do constant review and feedback. One of the most critical stakeholders in organization is Managers. No matter what other structures and supports are in place, the Manager is key to individual engagement / motivation and is a substitute for management at the local level.

To increase managerial capability, organizations need to identify strengths of new gen employees and areas of opportunities. Best practices of great Managers will help the new gen employees to identify capabilities and drive results. HR Leaders need to build a leadership culture and keep young mangers at the forefront of leadership. The employees are better motivated, if their experience and compensations satisfy their social and psychological wants and needs along with the economic needs.

Organizations need to bring out the perspective of effectiveness of new gen employees. Empathy, integrity and mutual understanding play a key role in new gen employee motivation. If the Organisation and Managers care for new gen employees then they will care for productivity, quality and in time delivery effectively.

Reducing working hours is a wonderful way of motivating employees. Need to reduce working hours and develop off-hour recreation programs. Employees who play together, work together and motivated to work more hours not fewer hours. Organizations should adopt a continuous communication and consultation with new gen employees.


The cost accountants see wages and rewards merely as a cost. But cost-cutting lowers morale and motivation and hence productivity. Sooner or later it will impact negatively on the bottom line. High wages and high productivity leads to a lower total wage bill than a low-wage, low-productivity approach. Process of motivation and reward management is a link between pay and productivity. Here, we have to remember the slogan “Pay for contribution, do not pay for status”.

Happy employees are productive people. Organizational Happiness is the most important organizational metric. Martin Elias Pete Seligman’s theory of well-being (PERMA) measures employees’ happiness this has core elements of psychological wellbeing and happiness. The five elements are


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