The Comforts Of Modern Society

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Do the comforts of modern society have a positive effect on people? From my point of view, they do not have a positive effect , in fact, it has a negative one. First, let's start by saying what “comforts of the modern society” means. It refers to things that make society live better lives.

One of the bad effects that technology has on people is that it can make people obsessed with.When referred to “ making people obsessed with it “ means that, now people focus more on their electronic devices instead of attending to their responsibilities.Some people confuse the words obsession and addiction. An addiction (based on Dr. Larry Rosen´s article,”Our obsessive relationship with Technology”) “Addiction means that you are trying to get your brain to release neurotransmitters that we have learned a pleasurable experience. Obsession also involves neurotransmitters but those chemicals are associated with symptoms of stress or anxiety.” Basically, an addiction is when a person depends on a certain thing to live(cope with life) and an obsession is when someone is obsessed with something. According to, Michael Osuch and Steren Turner´s article “Addiction to modern technology: what the science say.” Addiction disorders connected to people's interaction with games ,the internet and social media .” Meaning that most addictions with electronic devices have a connection with social media.

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Technology can have another major effect in our lives ,in our social life especially because it can make people stop socializing. People now go to a park and instead of just(trying) to start a conversation ,people just use their phones.That is because society has been given a device that can entertain them more than a real conservation. According to the Techspirited article “What is the impact of technology on society” “Web communication facilities have deprived mankind of the warmth of personal contact”This means , because there are ways of communication people have “stopped” socializing more with their real life friends and decided to check what is happening on their social media.

It is understandable that these comforts (such as electronic devices and social medias ) help entertain people but social medias can affect us in multiple ways.One way is by physical health. It affects people because if people use their phones too much (texting) it can hurt their wrist or hands and it may give you the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Also, it may give you eye problems , fatigue(by staying up too late), lack of exercise,by staying in bed or a couch and not doing any type of physical activities. Now, the way that it can cause an even more negative impact is by damaging our mental health. Mental health is the most important thing about ourselves . According to (Matt Battochio´s article in global” Quite a few people who come to see me who have anxiety and depression,many of them talk about their online use and social media use and how they sort of feel compelled to use it,but afterwards they actually feel more lonely”said by Brad Hagen (psychologist)Meaning that some people share how they feel through talking to some people they still feel the same or even worse.That might be because they realize all the friends they could have if i was not for their mental conditions. Also ,Hagen said,”we do not post pictures of us being alone on a Saturday night, but we do post about our vacations.”” You get this false image of what everybody else life is like and people seem smarter-(happier-)etc. And too much social media use ,can make us feel like we do not measure up.” What he is trying to say is that everybody posts pictures about their vacations or pretty places but they do not post about their real life and seeing that makes people feel worse about the way our life is, compared to others; because it is not perfect like everybody else.That makes everybody want to be a specific way instead of themselves.

Comforts of modern society can help people with a lot of things ,but can also cause a lot defective things. My recommendation is try to use the electronic devices in a moderate way .Then , you will see all the stuff you can achieve by stopping the constant use of electronics. You will begin to focus more, you will stop being so anxious , and you will begin to be more independent. That is why electronic devices (which are comforts of modern society) have a negative effect on people.

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