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The Factors And Effects Of Child Behavior

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During early childhood, children learn things by observing. They always try to imitate those they associate with. Now in this generation, is child behavior worse or better than it was years ago? Have you notice children disrespect for authority figures? The fault lies with the parents or caregivers of the child to be sure. Parents and caregiver are to cater to children emotional ‘needs’ and that corporal punishment is bad for them. But what may affect children’s behavior though? This is an issue of many safety problems. We are not focusing on this major issue, and we should, If you just look around you at any public place, you will see major examples of poor behavior.

Children have lost respect for their elders and don’t know how to talk to people or during school they observe bad behavior from other peers. Mainly the higher issues are the amount of time on their devices (phones, computers, video games etc.) Kids hardly are talking to their parents and mostly spending time texting or something of the sort, so they don’t know what type of respect to develop. Is it the parents fault, many years ago, parent’s priority was to raise their kid to be a kind, respectful and mannerly child. Now parents just want to make money by focusing on their job, or their own social life.

According to, the globe and mail Why kids’ behavior may be worse than ever − and how to fix it by Dave Mcginn talks about “kids are definitely worse now than they have been. It’s impossible to prove 100 per cent why this is the case, but I think there is very compelling evidence.” Children have always been copying their parent’s behavior. I have noticed my children mimicking me or coping my gestures. Children’s development is important because it shows what your behavior identify.

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As parents today face even greater challenges of working or going to school. It is not easy to set child needs structure to flourish if they don’t make time too. Parents need to be responsible for children’s aggressive behavior. Be aware of what your child observers. “There’s three factors that really align with the timing of the change in kids. The dramatic decline in play in children today compared with a generation or two ago. Kids are pretty much constantly supervised from the time they are born until they’re maybe 18 when they leave home, so they never learn to manage their own behavior.” (Dave McGinn) As I believe those many factors that affect children’s behavior such as, media, especially TV etc. It is known what children require: constant training, patience and love.

As of today’s, parents are too busy working, going to school or being selfish, to make this kind of investment or understand children structure wellbeing. If children can control and manipulate their parents as in the description above, the parent will be helpless to teach that child anything. Amongst media, television is of a major concern of where children’s behavior has become worse instead of better. The introduction of television to children at any age, forever affected the child’s development. Watching T.V. that would teach good values would impact children in a positive behavior. When watching TV programs, they copy the actions and morals of those programs.Whether it is something criminally sound, children take in everything they watch on TV. For example, my youngest daughter watches QUBO on Cable TV and imitates most of the positive morals and learns. She started to speak at the age of one and has imitated the manners shown from the show. It is an investment I personally decided for my child for her well-being. I have experience by observing with my now older children. How media popular YouTube channels because children be in doubts of who they are. I have raised my children to observe and reflect actions they are influenced by. But now with influence from media children will copying those bad examples and believe they won’t suffer no consequences. I have sat down with them to talk about the consequences that will affect them in the future. Which may be a solution that is missed to support this issues.

Two or three decades ago, children were roaming neighborhoods playing unsupervised or lightly supervised. They could resolve disputes, which they had a strong motivation to because they wanted to keep playing. They also planned their time and managed their games. They had a lot of autonomy, which also feeds self-esteem and mental health. But as now violence on screen is often offered to young population, which family perspective responds in different ways. Today’s violence is teaching children to do what they see that is popular on media not knowing the true consequences. As Cory turner mentions, “It’s the behavior in our homes that keeps us from getting out the door in the morning and keeps us from getting our kids to sleep at night.” Is everything getting completely terrible for children, is there a chance to make things better?

Showing positive role model to guide good choices and encourage children to do their best. Why I chose this field, I believe in supporting family growth, including ways to support children’s behavior. As an Early Childhood Development, major I play a vital role in guiding a child’s behavior. The solution is to model appropriate behavior: demonstrate, show, model and supervise. Teaching and guiding parents and children to learn appropriate behavior. A reflective and honest look on children behavior history, it all just depends on the kids you are looking at. You always can find the bad ones and there are always good ones. But the solution is for caregivers and parent to be willing to take the time and work at being consistent for children benefit.

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