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The Impact of Virtual Reality on the Workforce, Society and Environmental Sustainability

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Virtual reality is a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment for people to explore, connect and learn. It constructs an environment where people are fully immersed within a virtual world. Virtual reality is achieved using computer technology, Omni-directional treadmills and specialized gloves to accomplish the optimal experience, this equipment is used to stimulate senses, therefore, creating the illusion of reality.

Creating an adequate virtual experience can be extremely problematic if things are out of place, this questions immersiveness and realism. Immersion is the action of immersing someone, in these instants into their chosen setting. Immersion is made up of depth of information and breadth of information. Depth of information refers to the display, graphic quality, and effectiveness of the audio and video. The breadth of information indicates how it stimulates our human senses. All virtual situations can be designed to have a wider breadth of information. Perfecting these will confirm a fully immersed environment which is what user desire. Currently, there is an app called ‘Expeditions’ available for free on the app store that allows us to have a proper look at virtual reality in different workforces, events and historical landmarks around the world. Virtual reality is an evolving technological trend with the highest potential for growth in years to come. It positively impacts the workforce, society and environmental sustainability through its growing innovation.

Virtual reality in the workforce is a vast investment as it can expose staff members to situations from handling customer complaints and on the job training, to assisting NASA and the military in their teaching and guidance to stimulate a range of simulations and how to prepare for them. Virtual reality can help guide employees in dangerous environments, connect people through conferencing, save time and money while making work more convenient by dismissing travel time as people can meet and connect from different locations. Virtual reality can assist real estate businesses by allowing customers a better sense of how property’s look, this significantly improves quality when comparing to online photos and reduces operational costs. Within the expeditions app discussed in the introduction, we can advance information on a range of occupations. Medical, dental students and surgeons use VR to their advantage by practicing their skills before they operate on humans. The video “’Day in the Life of a Surgeon’ (‎Expeditions, 2020) is an example of advanced teaching through advanced technology as we can see details of a Surgeons life and how they operate. This allows us to explore the dynamic future of education and its beneficial impact on a range of different workforces.

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Embracing new technological trends will firmly benefit our society and the economy as a whole. Society can be characterized as a group of people, who share a common cultural and social background. Virtual reality is known to support people with depression, pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, Phobias and anxiety as it is a protected place for users to face their fears in a controlled setting. Virtual reality can be used to enhance the quality of life for those wheelchairs bound, sick or for the elderly who are unable to explore our world. The virtual dream project (Virtual Dream Foundation – VR for support and relief, 2020) is only one example of how beneficial the impact of this technology is. The virtual deal project provides headsets for hospitals, children oncology clinics, child care homes and senior centers such as nursing homes. Long-term the Virtual Dream Foundation intends to reduce the chance of mental illness by fulfilling patients dreams. Society can also benefit by upgrading the human experience and inspiring millennials to experiment with new innovative technology that will change our future in years to come. When individuals understand the stimulations and problems explored through virtual reality and engage with those who understand what new innovate technological trends can do, innovation and transformation happen, and we come to a realization that the world around is limitless, this can then unify the society.

Environment sustainability is the review of how natural systems remain diverse, and what humans need to do to continue living life on earth. The main topic related to environmental adjustment diversity and sustainability is climate change, specifically how virtual reality can help demonstrate the effects to the public, by allowing individuals to visualize the progression through a three-dimensional environment in the desire/goal to raise more awareness and end the impact it is having throughout our nation. Virtual reality has proven to help environmental charities by raising appreciation/ attention through increasing engagement between fundraisers and not for profit organizations to potential donors. This method was seen through the charity Greenpeace as they found this tactic doubled their sign-up rates (VR Helps Greenpeace Double Sign-Ups, 2018). The most beneficial thing about virtual reality is the freedom, that is offered to people as it emerges them in new environments, and exposes them to places they have never imagined before, after doing this, humans are more likely to understand the importance of environmental sustainability and how they can stimulate/support to correct it.

So, in summary, here are the positive impacts of virtual reality on the workforce, society, and environmental sustainability.


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