The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

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Sexuality is a topic that cannot be discussed and understand openly sometimes, but it is very important for human being to understand what sexuality and the importance of sexuality for our life is. When I was in high school, I first attended to psychology lecture. I heard some interesting and attractive historical psychology theories, like Freud’s psychosexual theory. Then I had a crush on psychology. However, sometimes, I felt shame when people talk about human sexuality. When I was looking through the catalogs, I found that there is a chapter talking about sexuality. Thus, I chose to explore this interesting and a little bit embarrassing topic.

After reading this article, I learned that sexuality is a significant driver of every human being. It drives people's thoughts, feelings, and behavior. On the other hand, we can say that to some degree, sexuality made us who we are today. Thus, a deep understanding of human sexuality is crucial for everyone. I learned the differences between sex and gender as well. Sex is described as a means of reproduction biologically. Gender is a term that describes a person’s psychological and sociological representations of biological sex, however. Before this, I could not distinguish the differences between sex and gender. Also, I learned something about sexual orientation.

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Even though sexual fluidity always happens to a person, sexual orientation is relatively stable and genetically rooted, which means that a person's sexual orientation has a tiny chance to change over his or her lifespan. And sexual orientation does not only occur in the human's world but also occurs throughout the animal kingdom. There are two interesting and impressive data in this article. One is that there are more than 500 animal species have homosexual or bisexual orientations around the world. Another one is that more than 65,000 animal species are intersex. This one really impressed me a lot. I never imagined that there are so many animals that born with either an absence or some combination of male and female reproductive organs. Also, I learned something about sexual behaviors.

Before reading this article, I only knew coital sex which is the term for vaginal-penile intercourse. However, I had a confusion about some other sexual behaviors, like oral sex and anal sex. I did not know if they are sexual behaviors or they are not. After reading this article, I found that they are sexual behaviors and there are more other sexual behaviors that people are not familiar with, such as voyeurism, exhibitionism, and pedophilia. These sexual behaviors are classified in the DSM as paraphilic disorders, behaviors that cause harm to other people or him or herself. Sadism and masochism are also classified in the DSM as paraphilic disorders. Actually, I saw these words before, but I did not know they are sexual behaviors. I thought these actions were bad special oddities. I did not know what paraphilic disorders means as well. I think another important thing of this article is to tell people that when we engage in sexual activity, we should protect ourselves and our partners. We should understand what we want and what our partners want. All the above are what I learned from this article.

In short, human sexuality is an important part of our life. Open discussion about sexuality can help people to get a better understanding of themselves and others. However, there is still something we could and we should explore in the area of psychology of human sexuality.

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