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The Significance Of Medical Work Experience

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One reason of paramount significance as to why I would like to do this work experience is because it would allow me to gain an awareness of the physical, emotional and organisational demands of a medical career, as well as a realistic insight into the working lives of healthcare professionals. In particular, this placement would enable me to further develop my appreciation for the reality of studying medicine and then practising as a doctor. I would be able to observe the challenges staff face in a hospital, and how they use their hard and soft skills to overcome them.

As such a large setting and with numerous patients constantly being admitted, it is well-known that hospitals are very busy and often under a lot of pressure, and yet still the NHS manages to deliver quality healthcare to a very high standard. As a result, this work experience would allow me to see and learn how members of a multidisciplinary team are able to work together in various situations and interact with one another. I am keen to see the effects of their collaborative efforts.

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Furthermore, I believe that this work experience would be an opportunity for me to enhance my own communication skills by talking to members of staff and patients; this would allow me to gain an understanding from different yet realistic perspectives. This work experience would also expose me to the diverse culture within a hospital environment, helping me to understand the role the NHS plays in helping anyone in the community – regardless of their background. Having heard about the importance of a good bedside manner in a lecture I attended, I would love to see how this is practiced in a healthcare setting.

This work experience would give me an insight into the dynamic of a doctor-patient relationship and how even in a large hospital, a doctor still talks to patients on a personal level and such a high level of trust is maintained. It is also possible that this work experience would grant me the opportunity to see doctors facing ethical dilemmas and hence I am keen to see how the NHS constitutional values are implemented in the hospital workplace. This placement would also allow me to reflect on any moral and ethical implications that could arise from decisions made. Another fundamental reason as to why I am so keen to undertake this work experience is because I would then be able to draw parallels and make comparisons between this work experience and a previous work experience I completed in a General Practice.

I would be able to see how different or similar paths within Medicine are. In conclusion, I am certain this work experience would be very valuable and beneficial to me, and would be something I could learn a lot from. This medical work experience would allow me to reflect on my own goals and objectives. Upon completion of my A-levels, I hope to carry out more voluntary work both in the UK and in a developing country to help those who are less advantaged. In the future I hope to graduate from university with a degree in Medicine and to become a practicing doctor for the NHS.

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