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Work Experience: The Ticket For A Bright Future

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A Malagasy proverb defines education as the most valuable treasure that parents provide to their children. Even though education is known to be the first pursuit that guarantees a great career, many people have questioned the value of a college degree for years now. Education and career experience are both beneficial for students. However, work experience is more important than degrees.

Firstly, work experience is a good way to gain and strengthen skills. Jobs and internships get students to have hands-on what they acquire in class. Not only is experiencing work-life an opportunity to explore a career path, but it also allows a better understanding or any theoretical learning, as well as mastering them. Compared to what students do in classes, at work or during an internship, students gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experience with the guidance of professionals in the industry. Hence, work experiences are crucial for a successful career. According to Raybould, 85 to 90% of a person’s knowledge of a discipline is learned on the job whereas only 10 to 15% is learned from schools (2000, 10). Internships test students on the field whether they learn specific techniques in class. Yet, internships are opportunities where students still learn, and mistakes are expected. Since job training and internships are transitions to work-life, people are preparing themselves for their future, thus excellence is not required, and they still gather all the assets to ensure their career.

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Education prepares students for their future and helps them through countless circumstances by providing valuable pedagogy. However, work experience reveals things about oneself that education does not. People can learn a lot about their strengths and weaknesses from their internships. An advisor at Rasmussen College agrees that ‘internship is a valuable work experience; it includes learning about your strengths and weaknesses” (Alanko). Moreover, while doing an internship, students step outside the classroom, try new things and challenge themselves in a new experience. The risk they take when they go out of their comfort zone provides them assets that enhance students’ self-development and build their confidence. Above that, because students immerse themselves in their chosen field, they try out the career path they want to pursue, and the experience they get from this new environment helps them to confirm whether the field suites their real expectations.

Although employers prefer their staff to have an excellent education background, most of the hirers admit that experiences are the only thing standing between graduates and their dream job. The engineering and technology careers at Middlesex University noted that employers want employees to understand how the world of work works and have skills that education can’t teach (Eliades). Furthermore, Jack Gloried from Becky Gloried Real Estate in Colorado Springs values work experience as well and believes that a person should focus on their qualification and their interests. She testified that her employees had prior experience to show how skilled they are while showing their motivation before joining the company. Involvement in a field shows dedication and responsibility, especially for those who volunteer or have an unpaid internship (). Indeed, work experiences are assets that companies are looking for their new personnel, and selection committees typically privilege those who show interest and implication outside the classroom. Therefore, having work experiences are beneficial for students because they acquire more competencies and career readiness regardless of their degrees.

Having work experience is more beneficial than just having good grades and degrees. Under any circumstances is work experiences an eye-opener, concerning a specific industry in the world of work, while considered a good way to learn about and develop oneself. Also, work experiences and internships favored many candidates who apply for a job after graduating. Work experiences make differences in students’ life since the more experience they get, the better job they will have.

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