The Ways of Preventing Obesity

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When reviewing income in Princeton, Indiana, the median income is 41,340 with 15% of the population living in poverty (United States Census Bureau, 2017, Income and Poverty section). Although the percent of the population living in poverty is relatively low, 1,971 children in Gibson County are receiving free or reduced lunches (United States Census, 2017, Income and Poverty section). Poverty is also relevant to this writer due to research stating that lower-income or poverty increases the risk of obesity (Kim & Knesebeck, 2018). Obesity, in conjunction with poverty, can also be associated with stigmas preventing positive health changes from occurring. However, according to Ogdon et al. (2018), low income and obesity do not always go hand in hand, and a lower education level appears to increase the risk of obesity more significantly.

When researching the statistics of obesity in school-aged children in Gibson County, Indiana, this writer found many sites without data for school-aged children. However, many of the cites without school-aged children obesity rates did have adult obesity rates. The State of Obesity (2017, Obesity rate by age section) states the adult obesity rate for Indiana is 33.6 %. However, this writer found no data for school-aged children. Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) (2016, Indiana WIC Annual Report) report the obesity rates in Indiana for children aged 2-5 at 15.8% in 2015 which increased from 2014 (p.17). This writer believes a gap may exist between children ages two to five and adults 18 and over with Gibson County, and further surveillance and reporting are needed to address the obesity epidemic and help prevent many adverse health effects.

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Upon a personal review of the community, many people are noted to be visiting convenience stores, walking along new sidewalks, and driving throughout the town. Caucasian and African American young adults or middle-aged people are visible with the majority being Caucasian and accompanied by their children. School-aged children are visible with friends at convenience stores, community pool, and at the park playing basketball due to school being out of session for the summer. Most of the children within the community are riding bicycles together and walking; however, the children at convenience stores are purchasing large fountain drinks and candy along with playing on mobile devices. The general appearance of the people in the community appear healthy; however, few older adults are observed in motorized wheelchairs near convenience stores. One African American homeless man is always present throughout the town, and commonly appears intoxicated or under the effects of drugs.

The general condition of the homes in the community appears to be well-kept, middle-class, single-family homes without in-ground pools. A small amount of sub-standard housing is present within the community, along with nicely kept brick low-income housing. This writer observed construction of new housing within the community of Princeton, Indiana, and near this writer's neighborhood. The Northside of town contains the largest subdivisions of large brick homes where many of the doctors this writer worked with reside, from a personal view.

When observing social functioning, many families are prevalent in the community and appear to this writer to be functioning well. The children appear to be clean, well dressed, and well taken care of by either the mother or father. The sense of community cohesiveness is present within the community, especially when involving sports, from a personal view. Throughout the town, many signs promoting the school mascot are present along with signs of Jackie Young who graduated from Princeton Community High School and is now a pro basketball player (Women's National Basketball Association, 2019). This writer observed many churches within the community from different religious backgrounds along with a primary, intermediate, and large high school. A couple of religious affiliation private schools are also visible within the community, including Bethel Christian and St. Joe.

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