Why I Want to Be a Family Nurse Practitioner Essay

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There are many careers that are very similar in terms of what students learn in the classroom to what they are supposed to do in the real world. However, I feel that Nursing is very different. My parents are both working in the healthcare field. My father is a doctor, and my mother is also a nurse. My aspiration to become a nurse came from my mom, the woman I admire most, who proudly did her best to promote health in the community besides all the direct care she did for her patients in the hospital. Coming from this healthcare provider family, my motivation to be a nurse started when they sometimes would let me tag along with their work, the times I really loved the most: the overflowing emotions seeing from the faces of their patients, the utter sadness upon the death of a loved one, or the delightedness when my mother tells them that they can go out in no time. In those times, I also realized that nursing is not just a profession; it is a duty, a commitment, a heartfelt service of care and love towards your fellowmen. Ever since my own experience in the healthcare field, I have been dedicated to becoming a nurse. As much as I have been involved in my parents’ jobs, I have been roughly exposed to my beloved uncle’s treatments who was diagnosed with leukemia. After cancer metastasized to all his organs, all of a sudden he turned from an active young man into a depressed bedrest individual who was no longer able to do things that he yearned to do. Although my grandma and grandpa were chipped in to help, they could not give him the type of care he needed. It was only my mom as a nurse and a nurse from the hospital, for the time my mom was shift or busy, truly helped him. Sadly could not survive cancer, and even after his death nurses really supported our family emotionally to relieve them from the grief of his loss. All of this was what motivated me to apply to become an adult nurse. My interest in medicine was further bolstered by various biology, physiology, anatomy, and other courses that I have taken at the university, in which I have been able to see theoretical concepts in practice in the clinic. I have seen the mix of care, understanding, love, and respect that nurses should give their patients, which was the very reason that made me more patient and excited to become a nurse.

One of the best advantages of choosing nursing as my profession is the wide range of possible units and careers that are available under the title of registered nurse. During years of experience as a registered critical care nurse, I have been very grateful for the comradery shown by fellow nurses and healthcare providers throughout the hospital, and I know that patient lives on the ability of all healthcare providers to work cohesively as a unit towards better outcomes. Working in critical care units, I have had many experiences that have enhanced my knowledge and expertise over the past eight years to care and manage for acute, critical, and chronic patients varying in ages from neonates to the elderly with different social and cultural backgrounds. I have been honored to work in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team and NP in my role and have seen their direct role in patient management, their patient care, and the amount of rapport and autonomy they have with patients and each other, which leads me to see myself practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

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By achieving a master’s degree, I will gain many new experiences that will not only enhance my education but also lead to my professional development. The degree that I aim to pursue is Family Nurse Practitioner. In this setting, I will be able to care for various age groups, from infants to the elderly, in terms of acute and chronic illnesses, wellness, and other variations of presenting symptoms, cure, and treatment management. My goal with this degree is to provide compassionate, culturally component, holistic care based on education, primary prevention, and health promotion. I strive to meet and exceed the demands of a patient population that is varied in age and socioeconomic background. As a family nurse practitioner, I would be able to build rapport with patients and their families and provide more comprehensive care for their own personal health through assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and structured management. Achieving this degree would allow me to strengthen my existing expertise and skills to better assist and serve all people, especially the patient population. With the rise in multifactorial diseases and co-morbid conditions, there is a greater need for health promotion and awareness, as well as disease prevention. The flexibility in this career enables me to provide care through scientific, evidence-based practice on different age groups, and various ethnicities in a career that continues to grow with wide and endless opportunities to practice.

Apart from updating my nursing knowledge and working experience, I am a very motivational person to promote world health, and I also have a wide range of work experiences from volunteering in the community and educating people to working in robotics and programming to make new advanced devices which can be used in hospitals. I also spent many years on my patents, research, publications, presentations, and awards which made me an expert to benefit from every second of my life and learn how to handle all the workload associated with simultaneous work, study, and other activities. I believe that my strong background and motivation would help me to make a valuable contribution to this program. The program demonstrated a structured accredited program, clinical preceptor placement, and attentive clinical professors are a great fit for me because I can fulfill a demanding work schedule, care for my family, and manage my other commitments.

I vowed to remain educated, honest, and professional for the duration of my career. Given the opportunity to join the Nurse Practitioner program, I will be able to fulfill my career goal. I am excited by the opportunity to apply for the NP position and believe that I possess the capabilities and determination to enroll in the NP program at Memorial University of Newfoundland. I am impressed with the quality of education provided by the university in terms of a well-structured curriculum, research facility, and organized faculty. I am really interested in applying and practicing for this program in MUN which is in the center of St. John’s because it is approximately a 10-minute drive from my home and is famous for graduate satisfaction and teaching quality. In addition, the university offers contemporary university programs which will make me able to complete my clinical practicum during the program in this regional health authority. This university provides practical knowledge, quality education programs, and great support systems which can be more effective to be preparing for a great future. The faculty’s reputation for excellent teaching, challenging course work and the excellent facilities for graduate research are added attractions.

As a fully accredited and licensed nurse with 8 years of experience working in critical care units, I bring a wealth of medical knowledge, technical aptitude, and interpersonal skills that help patients feel comfortable and confident in all aspects of their care. This program will not only give me the advanced knowledge in the silence that I will need to continue advancing my technique in the nursing field but also give me additional understanding in the social sphere that will enhance my empathy and ability to connect with my patients, the opportunity alongside professionals in the field in an immersive environment will further allow me to hone my critical thinking skills reaction time. I hope that you grant me the great honor of enrolling because I deeply believe with your excellent student formation and training, I can, and will become the professional nurse that this world needs.

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