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A Healthy Lifestyle Can Reduce Fatigue And Boost Energy

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Have you ever felt drained at the beginning of the day where you expected to be more energetic? Feeling exhausted most of the time may be more widespread than you think. In fact, two-thirds of Americans are exhausted most of the week. This article will provide solutions to reduce fatigue and boost energy. Therefore, David Norrie believes that it is important to explain the principal lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, and diet and also how they are linked together.

Firstly, uninterrupted sleep is vital for the body to repair and retrieve its organs like the heart. For instance when person is allowed to sleep for long period of time without any gap, it causes a reduction in the body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. The research shows that the risk of heart attack is low for those who experience uninterrupted sleep in their life, according to the scientists of Columbia University (Date). Uninterrupted sleep has five stages, with the fifth (REM sleep) person experiences dreaming and deep sleep. During REM sleep there is more functioning in the visual, motor and emotional regions of the brain. Therefore, it is substantial for the body to get into last stage of sleep. In addition, in this stage the body orders the growth hormone to the brain. The growth hormone is also known as somatotropin. A lack of somatotropin diminishes metabolism, causing exhaustion and weight gain. All the mentioned examples and facts demonstrate the importance of quality sleep and uninterrupted sleep for healthy lifestyle. (Hannah Mcewan)

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Secondly, stress prevents the immune system, and commonly conducts us to the first factor problem, lack of sleep. However, there are several ways to reduce stress level such as exercising. It is important to be focused during the exercising in the fitness class because stress reduces the body’s energy level, causing ineffective exercise. Furthermore, during the physical activity the body produces the hormone cortisol. The purpose of this hormone is to help a person’s body reduce stress level and maintain a healthy immune system. This hormone belongs to a group of hormones called gluconeogenesis. Cortisol is made in the adrenal cortex in the brain. Technically, the highest level of cortisol occurs just after the body gets up in the morning and the lowest level belongs to evening. What cortisol is performing is retaining blood sugar level or glucose for the brain and forcing the body to use unnecessary acids from stored fat as energy. Majority of scientists believe that lack of this cortisol in body causes adrenal fatigue typically drained in the morning or other symptoms such as inability to lose weight, insomnia, muscle wasting and weakness of arms and legs, poor skin healing, impaired memory (especially short-term memory), back pain, according to the researchers of Harvard University. All the mentioned examples, statements and facts illustrate negative impacts of stress in people daily life and also on their healthy lifestyle.

Finally, it is very significant to choose what and when people eat. Without any doubt, researchers believe that nutrition habits affect functioning of the body as well. In fact it is essential for body’s energy level to what and how people eat. The research shows that individuals eating habits come from their childhood. In addition body is governed by the day and night. During day time cycle. However, body is involved in digestion and metabolism while at night repair work is being done. According to Sobiya N Moghul, “As soon as the sun rises in the horizon our body wakes up. As the sun moves through the day, its heat increases and metabolic power of our body also rises. As we move towards sunset, metabolic power of our body reduces and digestion becomes slow” (Moghul, 2015). As a result eating meal around the noon is one of the worst nutrition habits. Also, starving for long periods. When body experiences long periods without food for five or seven hours it will face reduction in metabolism, a pause in the burning of stored energy. This trend becomes as a habit in DNA and could damage essential organs like the digestion system. Thus, circulation of digestion faces a delay that causes obesity. Scientists believe that it is better to eat small meals during the day approximately every two to three hours. For instance, by consuming small snacks, fruits, energy bars and nuts between three basic meals provide complex carbohydrates. Substances like carbohydrates build muscle that body needs to exercise. All the mentioned examples, research and facts show that it is important to pay special attention regarding nutrition habits.

In conclusion, it is significant to pay attention and control the body’s habits in terms of the mentioned triangle of healthy lifestyle such as sleep, stress and diet. In fact most of the people ignore these unwanted factors regarding healthy lifestyle. Contemplating about these factors is essential and beneficial. Quality of these factors depends on people’s circumstances especially nowadays lifestyle. But it is important to consider these key factors as a result of healthy lifestyle because they are linked together. Bad sleep causes obesity. Inappropriate nutrition causes stress. A mindset of healthy lifestyle affects following generations and it is a human obligation to make sure that it will happen. There is hope for improving these factors as an essential triangle.

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