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Advantage and Disadvantage of Social Media Essay

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First and foremost, I have been asked to discuss social media its advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, I have been asked to discuss social media in businesses and how it helps the growth of the business. Social media allows to carry a good reputation of the brand as well as give support to customers who are either unhappy or displeased by the service. I am going to research my information on how social media was created and how it affects businesses. My research will focus on businesses as well as the history of social media


The purpose of my work is to carry out an investigation into social media. The main uses of social media such as not just texting others instead using it for business purposes.

To carry out the research I used several websites that listed the history of social media along with its purposes. The websites I used listed several techniques businesses used to become successful and have a high reputation.

The main conclusion I had come to was that social media has a huge impact as well as the brand of the company can reflect a lot of stuff such as quality of products as well as the price therefore, they carry out a good reputation.

My work had led to making recommendations for future actions for planning what social media I will use Twitter and Facebook. These social media have a huge effect on business society. Any complaints or such will be directed to the Twitter account and responses will be given as soon as possible to make the company positive and caring for their customers.

The purpose of my work is to prove that social media can be used for several benefits not just texting. It allows creating an audience that will be interested in new products that are released as long as you keep a good view of your brand such as having good quality products as well as having a good support team.

The methods I used for my research were several sites that listed the history of social media and provided advantages and disadvantages as well as the gain of using it in a business.

The main conclusion was that social media has made a huge impact on businesses.

The ways it has changed businesses.

  1. Better customer service
  2. More transparency
  3. Flexible content creation
  4. Organic marketing
  5. Advertising targeted

Social media is an application or website that joins together which enables users to share content or do participation. Social media is not only to communicate with others and look at others' feeds its also used for business purposes such as promotion Social media allows you to gather your audience and make a brand for yourself which leads you to become successful. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the main social media used to gather feedback for a business. These businesses make a large amount of money if social media is used correctly. Marketing and advertising through social media are easy and gather the purpose of the business

Some may say what’s the point of using social media? Well, social media allows spreading awareness about you as well social media is growing every day with currently 3 billion users allowing brands to be successful. Customers use social media to provide positive and negative feedback allowing to view the reputation of the company to remain at a high standard. The company will usually respond to the complaint quickly because there are other customers who are connected to the profile. Responding quickly allows the company to prove its loyalty and care for the consumers.

  1. What are the advantages of using social media?
  2. What is the point of using social media in business?
  3. How can a “brand” affect your business?
  4. How do organizations use social media?

What are the advantages of using social media?

It is cost-effective and improves brand loyalty, Healthier customer satisfaction as well as marketplace awareness.

The history of social media

The original purpose of social media was not only to attract users to talk with instead it was effective for business as well as providing support to users.

In 1971, the first email had been sent by “Ray”. He sent the email to himself as a test to see if it worked. This took place in Cambridge he had two computers to do this

As time passed in 1986 “Eric Thomas” developed a theory for emails. This theory was an automatic mailing list manager. The owner could add and remove subscribers. Moreover, it allowed editing templates.

In 1988 text messages could be sent through the internet in real-time. This was one of the first chat systems which allowed messages to be easily spread and instantly sent and received. It also allowed more than 2people to talk at a time. This meant group chats were created to make talking easier.

Moreover, in 2002 Google wanted to buy Friendster for$30 million. This was seen as one of the biggest social media. In 2003 social media emerged as one. This was one of the biggest social media sites ever in the world.; This allowed people to connect together and promote business easier with the knowledge there had been over 500milion users using LinkedIn. In 2004 Facebook was announced. No social media website had gained as many people as Facebook did. It has over a 2.4billion users allowing all these users to interact post pictures and use it for promotions for businesses to bring an audience. By 2005 the online service YouTube was released. This allowed online videos to be published and shared and watched. This was a good way to bring recognition to your channel or even a business. YouTube allowed people to unite together and watch videos they love over the internet which was quick and easy to use. When 2006 arrived, which had brought Twitter. Twitter was unique in its own ways it allowed contact each other on social media websites because you can easily interact with your favorite people such as celebrities or even companies. So, if you have a complaint you can tweet at the company and they’ll fix the issue to carry on their reputation to be high. The max characters had been 140 so you were limited to express yourself publicly however you could always private message. By 2009 WhatsApp was finally released this was one of the few platforms that didn’t include ads in it. It was a messaging app to allow you to contact each other easily. It is a user-friendly app. Also, WhatsApp allowed you to call and video calls the users as time processed.

Overall social media has had a huge impact on businesses and several other people. It allows people to make connections and talk about their brands as well as get support for products or even provide feedback about the company. It’s also used to discuss huge events. But the main message is social media has changed our society so much.

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Most popular social media used by businesses:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Messenger
  5. Instagram

What is the point of using social media in business?

  • It increases brand awareness
  • Establishes your brand
  • Increase website population
  • Gathers partners
  • Allows you to promote content

Customer and audience engagement[image: Image result for Currys and pc world]How can a “brand” affect your business?

Branding helps a company stand out. If you are running a business you may understand that there are a lot of companies using the same methods to promote their company. A good brand like Curry’s and PC World has a specific purpose. They provide all sorts of technology-related stuff and they make sure it is high quality. Branding gives you credibility. Having a brand allows you to look more unique as well as more presentable. A clear brand, it allows customers to feel trusted by the company. The company is responsible to provide support as well as carrying on a good reputation by having a good logo and brand.

Branding allows more customers to be interested. For example, all brands charge a lot of money because it has amazing reputation and trust on the quality of the products like Curry’s and PC World.

Branding also will give you huge confidence in your business because you will be proud and happy with what you have done with your work. More people will trust you and your brand.

Another reason why branding is important is that it gives clear strategies. The brand allows the quality of the services that you are offering to be well done and up to high standards.

How do organizations use social media?

First of all, organizations use social media to directly interact with customers and likewise give them support. Some accounts have support accounts like Curry’s and PC World. The support accounts allow presenting a high representation of the company as well as show it's trustworthy and cares for the customers. They use social media to gather exposure traffic and gain for themselves. It allows you to be presented in a unique way. Some businesses have amazing logos and banners on Twitter this is a way to interact, with new people, they like to see bright colors and not dull so they are interested in buying. As well as having a support account they usually post all sort of deals that might interact new customers to buy the amazing products with knowledge of it being reliable.

Moreover, companies will have to understand how to make their advertising as effective as possible. This means deciding the target audience as well as how you will advertise the company.

Overall brand is a huge factor in businesses as well as having a good logo to present yourself. Creating a brand is a great factor to improve a business. This is because a brand can clearly explain and direct a message to who they are trying to appeal.

Social media allows branding to go everywhere this means it will allow everyone to see it therefore making a successful business. Social media is a really powerful factor in business and it is a very unique method to create marketing.

However, there are some downsides to social media such as if anything happens to the company anyone who is associated like partners will also have an impact. Companies are usually careful when doing marketing to make sure they remain at high standards.

This meant that companies usually have a backup plan when things like this happen therefore monitoring everything even the little things like support team as well as customer service.

Evaluate the business use of social media to interact with customers and promote products or services to a target audience

First and foremost, businesses use social media to interact with customers and promote products or services to an audience. Social media allows this to be easy to communicate with customers. The benefit of having social media is to interact which allows customers to get the necessary help when needed. An example of this can be when an item has not arrived or the item is damaged. The business has a high reputation therefore they will reply as soon as possible to have a high reputation and look professional to the audience.

Some customers may say that calling up the company is less efficient. This is because they believe all they have to do is go on their mobile phones and just send a tweet on how terrible the products are using Twitter and due to carrying out a high standard they will approach your complaint within hours. Therefore, this means social media for customer support in business is becoming more popular. Recent studies show that 90% of businesses are on Twitter. These customers say they follow the brand to keep up to date on the latest promotions and discounts. The benefit of using social media instead of giving leaflets and putting up posters you can just put up a post with an image. This will have no printing cost that would be required. Moreover, posting promotions and such do not require ink which is an advantage. When posting a picture of a promotion or a sale it will interact with more viewers as the tweet can be seen by thousands, unlike a paper advertisement which is limited to a certain amount of people. This also means that there are more people researching sales and promotions and they would come across your post which will interact with a newer audience to further look at your products.

Furthermore, another benefit that businesses achieve when using social media is that they gain the most profit from advertising the product for example financially, and the number of views on that single post. This allows different companies to highlight their products and present the advantages of that single product for example what stands out. This also means that their sales numbers will increase giving them a higher profit rate for the company. Moreover, this also means that it is easy to promote new products quickly. People can witness the product and highlight the dislikes and likes towards the product and tweet customer support to improve the product. Due to business allowing recommendations and advice highlight their care and love towards the products and the customers themselves. It is easy to contact support. For example, in “Curry’s and PC world” several customers reported that the products are faulty or just not working properly. Within a few hours, they reply and are more than happy to repair or replace the product immediately to highlight a high reputation. The ultimate goal of social media in businesses is to get feedback and promote products. There are several types of social media being used to promote products such as Facebook. Facebook has over a 500million users using it which is a good source for customers to view items and reach out to the customer team.

Another benefit of using social media is that there are over 500million tweets that are generated and every minute there are 500 comments posted on Facebook which highlights the number of views each post can get. The amazing advantage overall is that your post can go viral no matter what. Billions of social media users have the ability to share a post by just clicking a button.

Furthermore, when businesses create websites, they typically oversee social media to see what type of layout they have gone for and what features. Therefore, the Live Chat feature is an extraordinary feature that attracts customers immediately. Rather than waiting on the phone for a while or tweeting on social media for a delayed response, you can use the Live Chat feature which interacts you with staff almost immediately. The Live Chat feature is designed to have an automated bot to get your details and describe your problem. Once you tell the problem the bot will check its database to find a similar problem causing it and tell you how to fix it. If you require further assistance, it will connect you to a support member. The Live Chat feature shows excellent customer support and also can highlight your dedication to listening to customers.

Moreover, there are several disadvantages of social media as well in a business. One of the disadvantages of using social media within a business is that you are exposed to trolls. This means these people will try to make your business look really bad however, within Twitter you have a block feature and report feature to remove their account. Due to these trolls a lot of time is required to use social media. In most cases, you will need a dedicated support team who will answer tweets about the company. If you do not take care of your social media it can ruin your business reputation highlighting a lack of care towards customers and being unreliable. Having a dedicated support team will allow engagement with customers more efficiently as well as effectively respond to all social media feedback or questions. Another disadvantage of using social media in a business is that your content is repetitive and not interesting. To attract more customers on social media there should be two different accounts one called “Support” then the other one should not have the word “support”. The one without the word support should post promotions and sales. Not just a standard text it should be with a picture to engage more people. All businesses should value customers having interesting sales alongside answering questions from customers.

Moreover, social media does require some investment usually. The support team should understand that social media is not completely free you have to pay for some of their services they offer to stand out as a business. If you want to reach out to more people you will pay for social media advertising and some businesses use the hashtag feature to attract more customers. Furthermore, social media has another negative which is bad publicity. Social networking offers good advertising however it can also spread bad things about your company. To make sure you do not get any issues or hate you will always give the best service and manage your customer's complaints well by giving them the utmost support until they get a resolution. Therefore, this links to another negative which is where the support team may have extortion problems. Once you get trolls coming to your page it can be frustrating to deal with them. These trolls usually ask for free gift cards and money and if you do not provide them, they will spread negative comments on social media. Therefore, the support team should always remain calm in these situations.

Overall, there are several advantages and disadvantages of social media that allow your business to grow and gain more profit. Social media is a great way to interact with customers and get feedback on each product. Social media has allowed businesses to proceed in creating bigger products and create a support team that is well managed to answer questions from the public.

A website I have used

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