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Augmented and Virtual Reality and their Great Potential for Social Change

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Virtual reality and augmented reality have entered an era and set a new environment where physical and virtual objects are coordinated at various levels. Virtual reality is a computer technology that imitates completely vivid experience and transports one into an intuitive computer-generated world. Virtual reality artificially creates sensory experience which incorporates sight, touch and hearing. This technology’s main purpose is to allow people to experience the environment as if it is the real world. Whereas, augmented reality is the blend of virtual reality and real-life. It is an enhancement of real world where developers create images within applications to amplify one’s impression of the real world. This paper will describe the technology, its development, and who and how it benefits the most from the trend.

Augmented reality and virtual reality have given another approach to watch its technological upheaval. The technology trend as of late is in gaming industries, housing, and navigations. VR is achieved by wearing a headset (Oculus) equipped with the technology to create an imaginary reality for gaming like video games, and 3D motion pictures. VR can likewise help enhance training for real life environments by creating a simulation of reality where individuals can rehearse in advance. For example, medical procedure for specialists or virtual classes for students. AR on the other hand, can be utilized to transform a virtual innovative world to interact users with virtual contents and create a different experience. For instance: individuals can use augmented reality to enliven their home with the help of an application. To perceive how certain things look in one’s living area, kitchen area or any part of their home, they can utilize the help of assortment of apps to assist them with envisioning their new space without changing anything in actuality. Aside from that, individuals can likewise use self-guided app such as snapchat for its filters by enhancing one’s perception of reality.

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AR and VR trend is more of an innovation than a technology. It is an innovation because it is still a new concept and it is going to take a huge market soon since it covers everything from education, sales, to medicine. This new innovation is going to be most beneficial to people from medical field because medical doctors can always create an AR version of disease like tumor, appendix and can operate it in the patient. It can support both trainee and practitioners to see data and other information in front of them as opposed to confining themselves from the basic job needing to be done and enable them to see how best to regulate another strategy or a treatment that needs to be done. The use of AR in the medical industry will make lives easier for both patients and healthcare professionals. I personally do not think any industry will be disrupted because of this trend because it offers more than it affects. The hardware developers are making more affordable and user-friendly AR and VR headsets. They are applying the technologies to everything from healthcare to marketing to exploration and much more. If there is anything that AR and VR trend going to do, it is going to benefit many industries that has been slacking in their game from years. Companies like Google, Facebook and Sony has been working on the innovation. Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that is developed by the company called Oculus VR but later bought by Facebook for 2 billion dollars (Jr. Tom, 2018). The main purpose of this VR headset is to give players an artificial virtual reality experience as a head mouthed display. The rift uses two display panels and two lenses with each screen covering an alternate eye, which can be utilized with hand held controllers, headphones and a treadmill. There are now not just one but many different VR systems like Oculus Rift, along with PlayStation, HTC Vive and Facebook’s Oculus. The VR systems gives the ability to virtually visit beautiful locations, provides educational tool for special needs children, training for medical students and therapies. Oculus is an interesting development in modern technology because innovations such as these can change the way we use and think about technology.

Summing up, we can say that AR and VR have become the most promising technologies in the recent years. Both technologies have great potential in changing the landscape of many different field, including medicine and entertainment by serving the users with an enhanced experience.

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