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1000 Words Essay about Traveling

Travelling is one of the most challenging and more fun experiences people could have. A person can explore other places and at the same time help himself to have a new perspective in life. Travelling is not only in the local or domestic area but it can also be traveling all over the world. Many people love to travel to different places because they love to experience other things that they have not yet experienced before. Nowadays, many people are spending time and money traveling all over the world just to try to go out of their comfort zone.

The Benefits of Travelling

Travelling provides positive effects and benefits to an individual’s life. One of the reasons why people are traveling is because he wants to challenge themselves and wants to discover how they will manage everything when he will meet new people when and finding new experiences in new places and other things. During his travel there are also some challenges and problems that he may face and need to be solved but once he overcame that, it will bring joy and endurance for him in his future travel goals. On his next travel, he is ready and will surely know what he needs to do because of his past travel experiences.

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Another positive effect of traveling makes you feel relaxed from any stress that a person have in the past few days. It is like a medicine for those people who are stressed at work or who have experienced pressure in other areas of life. Because he experiences new and different ambiance, he feels relaxed, and stress-free, and feels that he is free in whatever he wants to do which he cannot do when he is at work. Travelling can also give your “ Me time” or a break. By traveling a person is helping himself to step away from a toxic schedule, it will be healthy for him to do it and it will benefit him physically and mentally. Travel can help a person heal from any stress.

Travelling is helping people to relax but it can also be more educational than what we expect. It will always be educational for all people to see a new world, and new places, meet new people and experience a new culture by traveling because it provides new information about one's place. Every single destination that a person was visited always has something to share with all their tourist or visitors, it is also a way of engaging themselves in a unique and different world and having the best and super fun learning experience.

If a person travels, he will see the difference between the culture of others and his own culture. He will surely find out why every culture is unique in its own way. After he came back from his travel he will look at his culture with a new perspective and appreciation. Travelling can also show and teach a person about who he really is. Traveling to other countries or places will test his emotions, personality, patience, social skills, and orientation. By being far from his own country and family, and traveling alone, he will find out what personality he has, how he will react to new things, and how he will socialize with other people. He will also learn and see another side of himself and the world. The positive effect of this is he will now be more appreciative and understanding of small things, big things, and differences between other people, other places, and cultures.

In traveling, a person can also boost his confidence and he will learn to be independent. While he is learning how to cope with a lot of new experiences and some unexpected situations, he is also realizing that he can survive in a particular situation and place without the help of his family or close friends. By being independent, he will become more stronger, courageous, and braver than before. A person could also build his confidence by realizing that he can face and live in a new place with a new culture and new people.

Aside from the above benefits, traveling can also give or provide health benefits mentally, like the prevention of mental sickness or depression. Giving himself time to relax and staying away from any pressure and stress, helps him to lower the risk of having depression or suicidal mental sickness. Travelling can be a medicine to those people who had so much pressure in their life and seeing new places and having a new ambiance helps them feel new and refresh their mind again. Having improvement mentally, he can also have an improvement in his mood. Meaning, traveling is one of the most powerful things that a person could do if he feels stressed or depressed. It doesn't matter if a person wants to go around only in his village or have an international trip, but more important is he enjoys it and he experiences new things which help him to feel happy and satisfied.


It is good for us to know that traveling can open our minds because when we started to see how other countries and people follow their culture and do their things differently than us we may realize that there are so many ways to live and to do the things that we need to do. If we are only seeing those things which are surrounding us in our comfort zone and after we travel we saw other bigger things that we have not expected that is existing and can be seen by our own eyes. The purpose of travel is not only for us to take a picture or video, try their foods, and buy a collection of souvenirs but also to practice our socialization, appreciate the beauty of the people living in the place that we have visited, and accept the difference of their culture.

We cannot imagine how travel can provide many benefits and positive effects to individuals. If we will spend time traveling to other places, surely it will be worth it and we will have fun and be educated.

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