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In order to be a good citizen, you have to follow rules, laws, expectations, and responsibilities. We have these rules and responsibilities so everyone can be safe. Not only do you have to follow rules, laws, expectations, and responsibilities, but it’s expected of you to help out your community. You can do this by volunteering at places, such as a local pet shelter, donating food to a food drive, or donating clothes to a consignment store. You can even help do a simple thing like picking up trash around your neighborhood. To add on, you always need to follow the laws, but you also need to be kind to and accepting of everyone. No matter what religion they practice, what color their skin is, or what gender they are, you should always treat them with respect. Yes, everyone is different, but you have to accept that. This world has changed because we aren’t accepting of everyone. Imagine if everyone changed their thinking. To where everyone accepted each other, everyone would change for the better.

Citizenship connects us. We all have different rules for wherever we go, such as public places like schools, cities, states, and nations. There is a private place where your family sets the rules and responsibilities, which is home. Home is the least important for following the rules because it only applies to a few people, but you should still do it. While the nation is the most important because that applies to everyone that is a citizen of the United States.

At home, you are required to follow your parents' or guardians' rules. This is so you can learn how to be a good citizen. Your parents expect you to follow these rules and responsibilities when they are set. Some rules and responsibilities are different for every home, they may be similar, but they aren’t the same. Most of the time when you break a rule your parents or guardian will punish you. Keep in mind every house is different and they may not punish you like other parents or guardians. When you stay a night at a friend's house, you need to respect the rules of the parents or guardians that have set in that house.

Now when you are at school, rules will be slightly different and will be placed in a student handbook. You are to follow the rules and responsibilities that your teacher and principal that has placed for you. If you do break those rules, there will be punishments given by the teacher or principal. The punishments may vary, such as getting your phone taken away when you are not supposed to be on it, or it may lead to you being expelled. This means you aren’t allowed to take school in this district.

When you live in your town or city, that is inside your state, the town or city has laws and responsibilities you have to follow. Like at school or home. Inside your state, the rules may be a little bit more detailed with the punishments. The city has more laws and they are more detailed. The city, state, and nation are really strict when it comes to laws, to keep everyone safe. Showing citizenship in your state is one of the most important ones. One of the main responsibilities of your citizenship is voting for the governor. The United States is the majority vote. On the other hand, if most of the population isn’t voting, it defeats the purpose of voting. Voting is only one way to help out your state, there are many more. Most importantly you can help out your nation, which is the country you live in. Helping your nation may be harder than helping out most. Such as your home or community, but it’s not impossible. Everyone can make a change to their country, even if you are ten years old! There are many ways you to be a good citizen and help your country become better.

A lot of people wonder how you may show citizenship for your home. There are many ways you may help around the house. For example, if you have family pets, you can take tend to their needs, which would be letting them outside for the bathroom or taking them on a walk. Another way is respecting your parents and siblings, especially your parents. Listening to their rules can help follow important laws for your, school, city, state, and nation. By being there for your family this will cause everyone to be less stressed out. Having a less stressful life will lead to everyone being in a good mood. Doing chores or helping out without being told will show that you have respect for your parents and your house. Without rules in your house, this can cause behavioral issues in public. This is why having rules at your house is so important.

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Getting your education at school and staying on task is important. There are many ways you can show that you care. Paying attention in class and not talking during class shows that you have respect for that teacher. It will also show the teacher that you want to learn something in their class. By doing these simple tasks in the classroom it can lead to good things. Such as bettering your education and leading a good example for younger students is a good thing. This can lead to better behavior for younger kids, and this can allow them to get a good education and good grades. In high school, freshmen look up to seniors, so the seniors have to lead by example. This is why it’s so beneficial for you to follow the rules at school.

There are so many ways you can help out your city. I think our community really needs to improve on making this a better environment. People vandalize and pollute our cities and towns, so we need to start taking action on this. We are really lacking this special necessity. Respecting the rules of our community that the mayor has set to keep everyone would help out making this a better place to live. This would also help people have respect for one another. Everyone is almost getting to the point where we don’t care about our citizenship. Everyone is almost getting to the point where people are fighting every day and disrespecting our community. If we take action and the adults in the community lead by example, then the teens will hopefully follow the steps of the adults. We as a community need to start caring a little more and stop being so selfish. Everyone must do this so we can all rise and become a better community.

The state is another level of citizenship. This is the most important besides the nation. This is just like the community, we are trying to make a better place to live. One of the most important things anyone can stress about is voting. This is a responsibility everyone is given as a citizen. If you don’t vote you aren’t following the expectation of the governor. However, voting may be stressed, but showing citizenship is also really stressed. This can include respecting everyone. Including someone of a different race or gender. In another case, it can be someone practicing a different religion. Showing kindness towards everyone is showing you have respect for all kinds of kinds. It will make your governor really proud.

Most of the time it’s hard to get the nation to agree on a lot of things. This is because there are a lot of people in the United States. However, there are a lot of things everyone can do to help this nation become better! You can do this by being kind to one another. By doing this it can impact our nation by a lot.

You can be kind by, opening the door for people that you don’t know or do know. Additionally, you can start by giving everyone nice compliments, even though you may or may not know the person. If that stranger, friend, sibling, parent, or even grandparent is having a bad day, all they want to hear is something nice. It also shows that you have respect for that person because you said something nice to them. Just by saying one nice thing a day, you can make this world a better place.

Being a good citizen will influence peace between everyone. Following rules at home can set a base for following the laws in the nation when you’re older. If everyone didn’t have good citizenship, there would be a lot of conflict between everyone. It’s almost getting to that point now where everyone isn’t agreeing on everything. We can all prevent crucial wars just by simply following the laws or rules of home, school, city, state, and nation.

Following the rules and laws is very relevant to having good citizenship, but you also need to be kind to one and another. Everyone nowadays likes to be rude and not respectful. We can all change this type of attitude by just saying nice things to each other. If we say one nice thing to one another, you and the person you said the compliment to will be in a good mood. To be a good citizen all you need to do is be kind and follow the laws and rules that a person has set for you.

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