How to Be a Good American Citizen Essay

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Our world is always open to changes and adaptation. As a result, we are having the continuous and unending process of globalization. Changes could be positive or negative. The continuous process of globalization across the world brings every nation to develop or to be behind in the continuous development of other nations. And this is behind the reality of this free world. This thing will also give the essence and purpose of being a citizen within the unending movement of globalization. As we are living in a free society, we are also free to do our desires as a person. As we partake in our responsibility as a citizen, we are also contributing to ourselves as an individual. There are certain things that a citizen of the world should establish and consider these traits to possess as an individual that will contribute things for the development and the continuous process of globalization in society as a whole. And these are the following; a citizen should know how to acknowledge the importance of good citizenship; a citizen who knows his role as an individual in the continuous movement of globalization; lastly, a citizen should partake in his responsibility as an individual who is part of the society and globally as well. According to John Urry, across the world over the last decade, citizenship and globalization have become two of the most strong coordinating mechanisms. It lifted a lot more than they did, reassembling civil and political life. In the case of citizenship, revolutions advocating for the protection of national citizenship have become tremendously strong in one continent after another. Garton Ash claims that in the 1980s, people in a wide spectrum of society decided to be citizens, independent men, and women, with equality and duty, with rights but also with responsibilities, openly affiliated with civil society.

A citizen who acknowledges the importance of establishing good citizenship is important. It is necessary to be a responsible citizen in our society. Because as we are part of it we already have the obligation to act morally and to maintain justice together with humanity. As a result, we can obtain a well-organized society wherein peace and justice will lead to the path of every individuality. In addition, given the fact that we are living in a free society, it is important to consider and follow the rules and regulations to avoid conflicts that will possibly occur. The value or significance of establishing good citizenship will reflect on the identity of our being as part of our nation. Good citizenship will not just only be for the orderliness of our society, but it is also our way of contributing ourselves to the development of the nation. For us to conquer the development that we want to obtain for our society we must first reflect on ourselves as a citizen and as a part of it. We should always educate ourselves to be more conscious not only in national terms but also in terms of global civic rights and responsibilities.

The awareness regarding your role in the continuous process of globalization in this world is also important. As a citizen, you are embodying the identity of where you came from and what culture you have on your own. And that makes you unique from others, and the others as well. Each citizen in this world almost has the same role and objectives in life. We might have the same role as a citizen but we all have different perceptions that make us different in a way of applying and acknowledging our essence as a citizen of this free world. The awareness we have on our own will be our guide to being effective people and individuals or our society. Knowing our purpose as a citizen is also acknowledging the role within ourselves in contributing to the unending process of globalization. Especially, it is also important to acknowledge the rights of others as well. Our role defines our purpose in a society where we belong. In addition, the awareness of our role as a citizen should be also together with acknowledging the role also of every individual that surrounds us.

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Lastly, as a citizen, we are also encouraged to partake in our responsibility as an individual of the world as a whole. As a person, we already know the things that we are provoked and to stir up with a purpose. Our main responsibility as a citizen is to assure that we are a part of changes that will develop not only on national terms but also in terms of global civic. As a person with rationality, we are expected to do our responsibility in a mechanism with morality and humanity. This is a matter of how every individual view themselves with their responsibilities as a citizen of the world. Furthermore, as our world is an open gate for every possible change and adaptation we are instigated to do our part not just as a citizen but also as a person who is civic conscious.

Good citizenship is also acknowledging the responsibilities we have as an individual in our society. According to the study of Elizabeth Theiss-Morse, theoreticians have described in different ways what it takes to be a good citizen. And four views on citizenship that offer examples of striking discrepancies in how people perceive the participatory obligations of a decent citizen. An exploratory research study reveals that the four viewpoints of citizenship are strongly linked to political actions, even though the socio-economic status and the attitudinal variables associated with participation are regulated. Moreover, the matter of acknowledging the responsibilities we have as an individual is also a matter of knowing our purpose and role globally as a citizen. The role we have as an individual is also our soul as a citizen. According to Paul Rogat Loeb, the soul of an individual emerges within us the motivation and the ability to have our voices to be heard and to count our deeds. We will live a life deserving of our principles. As a citizen, we are challenged to move from defeatism to engagement. The payoff of our effort, as we discover, is nothing less than a sense of relation and meaning not present is strictly personal existence. The realization that you have is an effort inside yourself to overcome apathy in your society and help inspire others to participate in your cause as a citizen.

In conclusion, our role as a citizen is characterized by the moment we acknowledge our purpose and responsibility in the continuous process of globalization. We may have different characteristics as an individual that makes us different from others. But we are one with the same objectives and mission to contribute positively to the development not only in our nation but also in terms of global as a whole. As we are a citizen of this free world, we are also having the freedom to have our desires. But we should consider the societal norms that will make us good citizens.

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