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Fate and The Idea of Pre-planned Life Events

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In today’s world, many strive for success and prosperity. People search for love, wealth, fame, and independence their entire lives; however, one may question why this occurs when the topic of fate is considered. Many believe that fate is predetermined and that peoples’ lives are already set in stone. This belief raises the question of why people try to succeed in gaining love, wealth, fame, or independence. Hope, a search for purpose, and pride are three reasons why people fight the concept of predetermined fate. Hope is the expectation of a positive outcome related to the events in one’s life. This relates directly to the theory of predetermined fate because it is what produces the defiance people have against this concept. Norman Cousins once said, “Hope is independent of the apparatus of logic.” This means that, regardless of the circumstances, one will always have hope.

Examples of this can be seen everywhere and they range from the smallest importance, like hoping to do well on a test that had not been studied for, to the greatest severity, like hoping to overcome cancer when a doctor says it isn’t possible. Hope comes from the saying “anything is possible”. It carries people through difficult situations by giving them something to look forward too. People have hope that they can create a better future for themselves and they hope that they have a say in the outcome of their life. Hope is one of the reasons for the endless search for love, wealth, fame, and independence. Another reason people pursue success, despite fate, is their search for purpose. The search for purpose usually involves trying to make a difference. People want to believe that their decisions matter and based on what they do, their purpose will be fulfilled and they will better the world.

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For example, people seek independence from oppression so they can choose their own paths. Independence and freedom go hand in hand when it comes to defying fate and making a difference. Through independence, many people have bettered their lives and the lives of others. For example, when independence was won by the United States, many people around the world traveled here to take advantage of opportunities and better their lives. The search for love, wealth, fame, and independence includes the search for purpose too. People try to go against fate and make their own paths because of pride. They work hard because of the belief that working hard will get you farther in life.

People have pride in their achievements and they want to believe that they earned those things by the choices they made. People work hard for love, wealth, fame, and independence because they fear what would happen if fate did not have that in their life and because they feel pride when they achieve those things. Whether a person believes in predetermined fate or not, they still search for purpose and material things in life. Love, wealth, fame, and independence are reoccurring ideas that are commonly sought after. Fate is something that is supposedly unavoidable and unchanging, but people still seek these ideas of success and affluence. Hope, the search for purpose, and pride are three forces that push people to deny fate and seek love, wealth, fame, and independence.

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