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Essays on Greek Mythology

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Medea: A Lady Or A Murderer?

A lady who has been harmed by the one she cherishes will look for vengeance until she never again feels for them. Ladies are brilliant and they know how to utilize what they have to hurt those who have harmed them. They will take the...
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Medea: Bias Towards Women In Athenian Society

In the play Medea, the historical context effects and deepens the understanding of culture, identity, and community. During this period women had no place in society except in the home taking care of family and being looked down at all the time. The Athenian society...
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Critical Analysis Of Medea As A Tragedy

The story of Medea by author Euripides conveys the loathsome side of human relationships, especially within a family. The society being presented in the story mirrors major situations happening in our society. Medea is a woman who has suffered a lot, and over time, she...
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Medea: A Role Of Woman In Classical Greece

Medea, written by the infamous Greek tragedian Euripides, shines a light on the injustices women faced in Classical Greece. Throughout the play, Medea is constantly ostracized and villainized due to the heinous crimes she committed with Jason to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Despite this, Medea...
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Medea Through The Feminist Lenses

In all history men were favored and privileged. Men were given freedom, an education, pride, and an opportunity to share their opinion, however women in ancient Greek were not given any of these privileges. The play Medea by Euripides, shows how women were seen by...
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Balance Of Logos, Pathos And Ethos In Medea

In Euripides’ play Medea, the audience witnesses the ongoing conflict between acting out of reason and of passion, both of which can result in destructive ends. The main protagonist Medea embodies an extremely vengeful and strong-willed character, whose extreme passion often overrides reason and results...
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Medea Motivated By Passion Vs Jason Motivated By Reason

“Medea” is a Greek tragedy by Euripides detailing the journey of a woman and protagonist Medea. The play is an immaculate symphony of all the decisions and motivations of Medea and the sharp contrast of those decisions to the Antagonist and Medea’s husband Jason. In...
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The Struggles Of Medea As A Woman

The catastrophic Greek tragedy, “Medea” deals with the maltreatment faced by the titular character and how such struggles can lead to immoral retributive acts. Medea challenges society’s paradigm of the typical woman who is a “timid creature” and a “coward” through her headstrong and opinionated...
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