Happy Life Is Good: Reflective Essay

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Happiness is a common feeling of human beings. 'Happiness is a state of mind,' said Walt Disney, It's just according to the way you look at things.' People often view happiness in different ways and the states can always change depending on how they react to it. Personally, the thing that gives me joy is a happy life. To obtain a happy life I need to focus on the positive, have a healthy relationship with people, and enjoy little things.

Positive focus acknowledges both the good and bad sides of everything and the grounds for being positive are finding a new perspective, setting exciting goals, and focusing on the present. Finding a new perspective means changing my mindset. For example, trying to distinguish between both positive and negative thoughts. Moreover, without a goal life can be pretty pointless. For instance, as a student, I set study goals such as learning a new language or getting good grades to make it seem more amusing and fun. Last but not least, focus on the present. This is one of the most important factors because the past cannot be changed so live the moment and live the best out of it. To summarize this, being positive leads to a more productive and happier life.

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In addition to having a productive life, a healthy relationship with people is unexceptionally crucial, and the causes of it are communication, trust, and respect. Most people find happiness within others, therefore, leading to communication and interaction. Moreover, communication is the key to building and connecting a relationship. People often tell us to not trust anyone but the process of trusting allows you to grow. For example, trusting people makes you learn from the situation and move on. According to Catherine Pulsifer, 'Respect is one of the most important things you can teach a child.' An example of respect is listening and accepting others. In reality, having a good relationship with people and being with others who make me smile is already a sign that guides me to a happier life.

People often miss the chance of enjoying little things, but I know for a fact that simple things such as listening to music, small talk, and soft rain that puts us to sleep matter in each of our lives. Personally, coming across good music and singing along to it all day is already enough to fill my day with joy and happiness. For instance, I assume most people find themselves the most relaxed and happiest when they listen to music. Furthermore, I casually enjoy having small talks and to be more precise, I get the most excited conversing with strangers. For example, asking them about the weather or how their day is, expecting to make new friends. Additionally, I feel the relaxation being put to sleep by soft rain. To show you what I mean, rain provides the feel of cold, wetness, and warmth that can put you to sleep like a log. Sometimes, it is not about the big accomplishment but the little things that are relevant and applicable.

In conclusion, to obtain a happy life I need to focus on the positive, have a healthy relationship with people, and enjoy little things. Communication is the key to building a relationship. Listening to music is a little thing to help you stay happy. If you follow these factors, the door to a happy life is always open.

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