How Social Media Effects Crime

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Table of contents

  1. Good, Bad and Ugly
  2. Violence among the youth
  3. Cybercrime is Worse
  4. Cybercrime Rate
  5. Reference

Have you really thought about how bad social media has made more crimes easy? You will be learning the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of social media. For us adults there is identify theft, scams, and fraud, even hacking into our personal accounts. Also, how it affects our youth and how our youth puts into the crime too. Our youth is learning from everybody on social media that it is okay to cyberbully, cyberstalking, and even cyber threats. You will see how much of the crime rate has gone out of the roof since 2008 from just online alone.

Good, Bad and Ugly

We will be looking into all aspects of the media, education and the law. Media and education we think of three things the good, the bad, and the ugly. For example, “ There is no doubt the media has been beneficial for some criminal justice institutions.” Not to mention people can communicate about the news and other events around them. The media has become invaluable on a day to day basis. When police are looking for someone they post on the most warrant website, within a few days you will later see a person from the warrant website in a mugshot.

However, there are a few disadvantages to the media. Young people will retaliate by posting revenge porn and put people on “blast.” Cybercriminals will stalk, not only online but also out in the open. They are looking for victims to rape, rob, or kidnap on a day to day basis. There are even criminals talking about the crimes they committed known as “performance crimes” to the media for their followers.

Therefore, when we think about ugly it is not that bad, right? Well, truth is, it is a nasty ugly online, sharing photos of the accused before an indictment and jurors sharing their thoughts about a case online poses as a threat to the prosecutions. Even family and friends have to be careful because they can be turned into secondary victimization.

In conclusion, we all should be careful on social media and look at what the good, bad, and ugly outcomes are and would be.

Violence among the youth

Some people will say that social media has encouraged the youth to participate in violent activities and has a large impact on their behavior. According to studies “The numerous factors for violence are poverty, child abuse, and community violence. These also play a significant role in the formation and escalation of violent behaviors according to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.” There is violence everywhere we look at movies, televisions, and on the web. Young people tend to learn from what they are shown and are used to growing up with.

Continually, being exposed to violence can result in behavioral issues were they think violence is okay to solve as a day to day problem. In this one article, this quote is very accuarte to everything we have been discussing in the essay “The danger with social media is it provides a platform that can quickly amplify any sort of violence because it becomes permanently accessible for all to see. More and more, virtual conflicts on social media escalate into physical violence such as assaults, shootings, and murders. It is critically important for the people in youths’ lives to understand the risks associated with certain types of posts and the circumstances that increase the likelihood of violence. Our E-Responder program has shown that trained violence prevention professionals are significantly more able to identify risky behavior on social media, intervene online and de-escalate conflicts, and build skills in youth that will keep them safe both on- and off-line. Technology, such as deep learning algorithms, that can identify violent content by image, text and facial recognition can enhance these efforts and prevent future violence,” Richard Aborn, President, Citizens Crime Commission of New York told International Business Times. Even though there are privacy settings to shut out the outside world there will always be another outcome to access your privacy settings.

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Finally, violence is everywhere even if we tried to shut out our youth they will find a way to get back to social media. Even though, we can control who and how the youth takes their violence out on an everyday basis.

Cybercrime is Worse

Has crime gotten worse for social media over the years? Social media has a lot fo advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is social media has helped solve crimes and helped us connect with our friends and family all over the world.

However, one of the disadvantages is crime through the web, such as cyberbullying, cyberstalking, identity theft, fraud, and hacking. So many of these crimes can have an effect on a person. Once a person like a young child gets cyberbullied it turns in most cases to suicide. Cyberstalking a person makes them not want to leave go anywhere because they are scared for their life. Identity theft is a big part on social media because we put out our information thinkging nothing of it until we find out someone is using your name. We have a lot of fraud (scammers) online now that it is hard to prevent when you do not know the signs for a scammer.

Finally, hacking is the highest crime rate for the web because a “profressional” ends up being a “professional” of never getting caught because the laws can not keep up. Furthermore, crimes on the web have gotten worse over the years because their crimes have always been with us since the day that we developed the understanding of computers.

Cybercrime Rate

Have you thought about how high the cybercrime rate is? Cybercriminals have it made in their job “area” to do cybercrime because they get paid $3.25 billion annually by exploiting popular social platforms. Growing at an astonishing rate increased 300 - fold from 2015 to 2017. The reason cybercriminals like to choose social media over anything else is that it is easy to get into because all of our information is already out there so it can be just passed on to the other cybercriminal. This article is talking about “security researchers have found that social media platforms have twenty percent more methods to rip a consumer off and scamming.” As a result, four of the five top sites of crypto-jacking code are the web.

Therefore, social media programmers should be doing a lot more for protecting their users and their own programs too. Programers should quit turning their eyes on all the crime they do see and either one fix the problem or two starts altering the police because the police do have special people that make also hack into the programs too.

In conclusion, adults and youth should really start taking social media more serious and start to have more precautions. All of these paragraphs are really important and in some of them they even talk about the actions of what to do when there is cybercrime even going on. If the police can catch one person from the media then they could start catching more if we start to stick out necks out instead of hiding. One of all things we definitely need to start watching our children a lot closer if we are going to let them be on any type of social media because of cyberstalking, cyberbullying and just people in general.


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