Importance of Education in Modern World

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While many could argue that there should be payments for post-secondary education. I am somewhat in agreement that post-secondary education should be free. In recent years, it has been typical for teenagers to pursue post-secondary education in Canada. This is because people understand that education is of extreme importance. Moreover, times have evolved. As a result, if some students only complete secondary school, they will not be able to meet different employment requirements in the future. However, the cost of post-secondary education is a significant barrier for youth. Enormous debts have become usual for graduates, putting up barriers where, on the contrary, incentives should be provided. Research has revealed that education increases opportunities for students, improves all our lives, and enhances Canada's overall economic strength. Given the importance of post-secondary education, free post-secondary education should be provided by the Canadian government.

To begin with, if post-secondary education were free, there would be no student loans. Students will not be concerned about taking student loans to facilitate their education in their university. This ensures that students stay debt-free. Even after the person went to school for any program they chose, they still have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars to repay. And when you add that up with everything else you might have to pay for, it totals up to a lot of money. Also, the pupil may feel stressed or depressed. One of my best friends attended his first year of university back in 2017. He testified that he was behind and received poor marks in his assignments. The reason for his poor grades was that he did not know where he was going to get another $11,000 to pay his tuition.

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Second, if post-secondary education were free, it would not be limited to those with higher incomes. Quality education is one of the public assets that each nation tries to provide to its citizens by implementing adapted education policies. While in many countries, including Canada, basic education is provided by the government at very subsidized prices, the funding of post-secondary education causes people to dig deep into their pockets. In this sense, increasing the price of post-secondary education would mean lower levels of accessibility. A lot of students who graduate from high school are forced to work because their families do not have the money to pay for their university education. Higher post-secondary tuition makes education affordable only for the rich. This claim means that the less prosperous people would not have equal levels of accessibility to those of the more prosperous members of society. One of my mom's sisters had the intention of going to Humber College. But she had to start work at two jobs as a retail store cashier and at a fast-food restaurant making the food at the age of 16 to get a decent amount of money to assist her parents in paying for her tuition.

Third, if postsecondary education were free, education would be guaranteed. Free education is vital because it makes sure that every student in a country has a certain level of education. This means that all students have a fair chance of obtaining this level of education on the same scale. They have access to the types of degrees that they would want to pursue in their programs, which consist of the associate’s degree, Bachelor's degree, Master’s degree, doctorate, and Ph.D. One of my dad’s friends who lives in Canada said that he wanted to do his Master's in engineering because he wanted to earn a good amount of money. But he couldn't afford it, so he had to go for his bachelor’s. Then, as soon as he finished his 4 years at university, he quickly went to seek employment. And after saving up a good amount of money, he went back for a master's. And he said it was worthwhile, but it was a waste of time.

On the other hand, it could be argued that postsecondary education should not be free either. There are three reasons for this.

The first one is because free post-secondary education can cause overcrowding of institutions. If too many graduates devalue the programs, pupils will not be worried about taking student loans to ease their education at the university. This guarantees that learners stay debt-free. Even after the person has gone to school for whatever program they have chosen, they still have hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars to pay off. And once institutions are overcrowded, it can depreciate the program you are studying. Many people who graduate from universities are unable to capture a job due to the small number of jobs, but large numbers of candidates. Secondly, there would be financial irresponsibilities. When students are in debt, they learn many things about financial accountability. A student loan is a graduate’s first vital financial transaction, and making the payments will give them a lesson about paying off debt in the future. Also, when a student repays his debt, this helps him accumulate credit. If universities and colleges were free, these lessons would not be learned, and it would be harder for graduates to build good credit. And the final reason post-secondary education should not be free is that there will be low-quality education. Free education can alter the quality of education in the long run. This is because the classes will be packed with many people, causing them to have limited resources.

In conclusion, although some people may think the opposite of free postsecondary education for good reasons. I somewhat believe that post-secondary education should be free. The reason is that there will be no student loans, it will not be limited to high-income students and there will be guaranteed education for every student. Even though they cannot make post-secondary education free. They should at least reduce the amount of money you pay for school fees. These are the reasons why I think that post-secondary education should be free.

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