Life without Education: Persuasive Essay on Importance of Education

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Education is the essence of progress in society. It is very useful for every individual of all ages, and it has no limit. When I’m thinking about education, “What could it be the world like without education?” Maybe no tremendous growth of technology, no scientists which can do investigations, trials, and experiments, no astronauts who can launch satellites and maintain spacecraft, and many other things. The continuous growth of technology will be like an illusion without education. Certain things that take place in the world are unavoidable. So, education is not all about studies or teaching but all about developing ideas, opinions, and perspective that makes into a unique person. Life without education will be like cell phones without batteries. It cannot be useful unless recharge it.

Education is not only giving students knowledge but various life skills. I believe that education must encourage students to be independent learners. All students are unique and special because they have different abilities and capabilities that they can bring to their own education. Every student can grow physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially wherein they can meet their full potential. I believe that everyone has a right to learn, and they can learn. Discrimination must not involve in education because it can cause stress, negative attitude, and low self-esteem. All students must treat with absolute equality regardless of age, gender, nationality, intellectual ability, and personal effectiveness.

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I believe that every teacher is knowledgeable, smart, unique, patient, and hardworking. They can create all other professions like nurses, scientists, and other professions. They have different ways and strategies to teach the students. They have different styles to show how to motivate the student to learn and develop their potential and problem-solving skills. Every teacher has perseverance, dedication, hard work, an open mind, a positive attitude, and high expectations for every student each day. They are helping the students in developing their social skills, self-esteem, self-discipline, problem solvers, and responsibility. They are helping the students to be successful.

I have been a teaching assistant for four years, it’s a learning process how to be a teacher assistant as I graduated in Industrial Engineering. I am learning from the homeroom teachers, specialist teachers, colleagues, and even from the students. It will be a lifelong process of learning new strategies, new ideas, new styles, and new philosophies. It is okay to change my philosophies. It means that education will be a continuous process of experiences.

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