Importance of Education in the 21st Century: Essay

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In the 21st century, education is becoming a necessity for everyone ever than before. In short, no one could survive in the future without proper education. As it develops the main foundation of an individual, it is extremely important to educate kids from their childhood. If we look closely at life, what we are doing every day is educating ourselves with something new. It could be the development of some set of skills or gaining knowledge about a specific subject area. A child’s education journey starts just after birth and it continues until his or her last breath. Literary, we could say that it is a non-stop process, which adds more value to our lives day by day. If an individual learns something new right now today, it would be a benefit for him or her for their lifetime, as the things we learn through the education process would not fade away from us at any time, and there is only progress in it.

Almost every country in this world right now uses a standard education system to teach people and make them ready to face the world as better citizens. This system widens the knowledge of an average individual from a low level to a high level. Therefore, they gain the ability to recognize the good and bad separately. As I see, this is one of the important advantages of the education system. Because when a person is aware of his or her background scenarios, they start to grow their skills, personality, knowledge, beliefs, and so on very easily.

In the 21st century, education plays a major role in the job market. Education shows us the importance of hard work and makes us get a well-paid job using skill sets that we have learned through the education system. Sometimes, even though people are educated, most of them are not quite sure about the real implementation behind it. As I see it, the primary goal of being educated now is to be prepared for the challenges. Sometimes, an individual who is more educated than the average person is likely to fail to face the difficult challenges in his or her life. Human good willingness, talent, or energy is being lost, especially when it comes to industry level and starts to work. That means it is important to know the correct way to use the knowledge we gained from the education system. Therefore, overall, an educated human can become a successful person only by learning to implement what he learned throughout his life.

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Some of the jobs that exist today in the job market did not exist 30 years ago, and some of the jobs that will exist 30 years from now may not even be imaginable right now. Therefore, as an educated generation, we should encourage our children to focus on how to learn something rather than what to learn. Teaching students to ask questions and think critically and open-mindedly is far more important than ever before. I believe that a child’s education should be a self-discovery journey. Because that is where a child truly learns how to implement what he learned and face day-to-day challenges. Therefore, the children will be preparing to face the constant changes happening in the world. Even if the situations are worse, with an educated mind, children would be able to find the right path to a successful life. Nowadays, most parents force their children to learn what parents like and not what they like. This leads the future generation to stick to the same educational level, which their parents had, and it does not allow them to think beyond their limits.

In the early days, people were used to studying by going to schools or universities and taking classes. But, with the advancement of technology, education has reached the extra mile, while being more accessible to people ever than before. This is a good sign and soon we all could see a world full of educated people.

Overall, it is of utmost worth in this 21st-century world to give kids a chance to be educated no matter their race, gender, or wealth. Then, they will get access to hands-on learning opportunities in a variety of opportunities, and we could see a better world, which has been built with educated minds all over the world.

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