Is the Amount of Sleep You’re Getting Enough?

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You felt rested when you woke up this morning or the other day, but were you? You had breakfast this morning and your hunger was satisfied. Your brain needs its hunger satisfied too and you feed it when you sleep.

Sleep deprivation is not good for you and can have many negative side effects. Skipping your sleep can be deadly as a driver and can really affect your performance at school, on the job, or anywhere else. Research shows that sleepiness also makes you grumpy, increases the probability of having accidents and injuries, limits your concentration, increases your craving for sweets, and often makes you eat too much food. And for those who hate their acne, this could be caused by not getting enough sleep.

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Sleep deprivation can seem hard to defeat and control, but there are ways to help your body. A commonly known solution is to reduce or totally get rid of the amount of caffeine that you drink. This includes avoiding coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate late in the day. It’s also recommended that you don’t eat, drink, or exercise within a few hours of your bedtime. Quiet, calm activities such as reading a book or taking a shower relax your body, while watching TV, playing computer games, or looking at your phone, activate your brain. Keeping a consistent sleep schedule makes it easier to fall asleep because your body knows when it’s time for you to sleep. To prevent staying awake due to stressing or worrying, keep a diary or to-do list. It is okay for you to take a nap but time it right and avoid long naps as this can interfere with your body’s sleep schedule.

How much sleep should you be getting? Doctors recommend an average of 8-10 hours every night but this varies depending on your age. Adults should get anywhere from 5-9 hours but 7-9 is recommended. Teenagers and young adults should get 7-10 which is especially important because at this age, you do a lot of growing. School aged kids 6-13 should get 9-11 hours. The younger you are, the more sleep you should get.

In conclusion, get your sleep and keep yourself healthy. Lack of sleep can affect your mood, and a depressed mood can lead to sleep deprivation. Combat the vicious cycle and get your 8-10 hours of sleep. Keep a consistent sleep schedule, going to bed and getting up at the same time on weekends as on weekdays. Choose relaxing activities over turning on the TV. And parents, you can be good example to your children by having good sleep habits yourself and assisting your child/children with their sleep schedules.

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