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Our Love for Our Pets

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Today pet owners have been spending billions of dollars on their pets rather than welfare. Buckhard Bilger argues that Americans spend too much money on their pets. I agree with Bilger argument. Pet owners could be using their money differently and animals have a sense of knowing they won’t live for too long meaning we shouldn't let them endure the extra pain they are going through.

According to Bilger, “Americans now spend $19 billion a year on veterinary care for their pets”. A particular consideration given is root canals. The people who are spending money to provide root canals could be using it for something that can help other things. They could use the money to feed homeless animals in shelters or supply health care for them. Not the entire 19 billion is wasted however; there are creatures that do have an incredible possibility of enduring and living extremely long as well. The money ought to go to those creatures not the ones who are very nearly demise.

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At some point animals will encounter where they are incredibly sick and would be in an ideal situation euthanized. Some pet owners discover it’s hard to spend a great amount of money on their dearest pets to make sure they can live longer. “Every year, while pets like theirs are saved by the most elaborate means, some six million strays are put to sleep”, says Bilger. Pet owners should give nature a chance to take its natural way and let their pet pass in peace. They could save an animal's life by adopting a new pet. Six million is an enormous number, and if each pet owner received a stray when their pet passed that number would drop drastically. They should not put their pets through more torment than they ought to need to understanding.

Pet owners say that they'll do anything for pets because they love them. But they would take it too far. A friend of mine told me about her dog was sick. She told me how her dog vomited a lot and refused to eat. I also remembered how sad my friend looked when she explained that her dog didn't have much time to spare. She also explained that her family would do anything to let their dog live longer. So, they would pay treatments for their dog. But my friend told me that she and her family had to let their dog go sooner or later because they loved him so much and didn't want him to suffer anymore, so they put him to sleep.

Americans will do anything for their pets to stay alive even if they its cost too much. But they could be spending that money on aiding strays and charities. With that kind of money, stray animals' lives can be changed.

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