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Success, success is something we all want for ourselves, we as humans are valued by our amount of success, three things I believe will help me become successful are time management, confidence, and lastly sacrifice. Time management is huge, it determines how and when you will get things done.

Secondly is confidence, confidence is being able to believe in yourself and we all know you won’t get anything done without trusting yourself. Lastly is sacrifice, which in my opinion is the most important one because you have to be willing to sacrifice some things to become successful or else it will not come to you.

(T)Time management is a key aspect to becoming successful, it will help me stay on task, keep everything organized and reduce stress. (I)Everyone knows you can’t focus and progress when you’re all over the place and aren’t managing your time correctly. (E)“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” -William Penn. (A)This is one of the realist quotes because it’s true, we as humans want all the time in the world but will never use it correctly which causes the stress that we desperately don’t want. (C)This brings me back to why time management is extremely important, it will help me in the long run and keep me from doing what's wrong.

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(T)Confidence is key, which is something I hear a lot, and I know it’s very important to me because it will help me believe in myself in order for me to become successful. (I)Confidence helps people believe in themselves, which then helps them get things done and initially helps them become better people. (E)“Once we believe in ourselves, we can reach curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience there a view of the human spirit.” -E.E. Cummings. (A)This quote is going back to what I said about how confidence will bring other things to enable success into your life. (C)Confidence will help you grow as a person and lead you to the right path for yourself and for an all-around good life.

(T)Lastly is Sacrifice, sacrifice is the ability to be able to give things up for a possible return, it’s just a chance you have to take. (I)Sacrifice is very important in my opinion due to the fact that it’s necessary for success, success will not come without sacrifice. (E)“He who would accomplish little must sacrifice little; he who would achieve much must sacrifice much; he who would attain highly must sacrifice greatly.” - James Allen. (A)This quote is the basis of sacrifice, it explains how you must give a lot, and sacrifice a lot for a great return. (C)The sacrifice will come with many downfalls but will lead me to a great new finding of success in my life.

(R)In Conclusion, success will come to me if I focus and prioritize my three most important steps to success, time management, confidence, and sacrifice. (M)Time management will lead me to success because it’s greatly important to my stress. (M)Confidence is crucial to my mental health and believing in myself. (M)Sacrifice will introduce me to the risk-taking that is necessary for a person's success and a healthy lifestyle. (F)Finally, I will use these three things to become a better person and do everything in my power to reach great lengths of success.

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