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Philosophy Of Education: Teacher Experience

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I believe the purposes of education are to help kids grow in life and to teach kids what they need to know to become successful in life. Education should provide students with an understanding of Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies. An important function of education is training students to become more prepared in life

I believe students learn best when they are in a classroom that fits their needs and when the teacher actually helps them understand a topic better. An important part of learning is to take what you’ve learned and apply it Students should feel like they are safe, learning valuable information, and are becoming smarter, and understanding topics before moving on, in my classroom An environment that is calm and organized is vital to successful learning and effective teaching.

As a teacher, I will help students who are struggling, listen to my students, and I will meet the needs of students to better the learning experiences for all students. I believe an effective teacher exhibits many qualities. For example, if they are able to listen to their students, also if they can respect their students. When teachers listen and respect their students learning is more likely to happen. As a teacher, I will develop these qualities in myself by listening to my students, and not embarrassing my students in front of the class. The curriculum of any classroom should include some sort of math, English, science, social studies. Students must learn about the four core subjects.

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As a teacher, I must not only teach the standards but also anything else they need to know about the subject. Teachers must develop students in a variety of ways because not every student is going to learn things the same way as another student. A teacher must work hand-in-hand with the community because it lets the parent and students know that you are not just doing it for the money. There are many things the community and school do together to benefit the community and school such as PTA, booster clubs, and fundraisers. AS a teacher, I will involve the community by hosting fundraisers, fairs, cookouts, book clubs, PTA meetings, and many more activities.

My goal as a teacher is to better kids' lives so they don’t have to live on the streets, help my students grow as much as I can, give the students the feeling that school is their second home. I can help y students get the best education they can. Also, I will make sure that I won’t give up on my students. I will try my best not to embarrass any of my students because I feel like it was a stupid question. I will also strive to work one-on-one with my students to help each and every one of them grows as needed. I will try to give my students a better mindset about school. Let the kids feel like they can come to me before, during, or after school. I will be able to open my room up during lunch on some days so that students can study for big tests in a mine or any other class. They will also be able to hang out or catch up on any work that they missed.

I know the job of being a teacher is not easy and will be full of challenges. I will do my best to meet my students’ needs and teach them all they need to be prepared for the next grade.

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