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Probable Reasons And Effects Of Depression

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With the technological advent of products and commodities in the 21st century, some serious challenges also emerged for mankind which not only included cancer, global warming, nuclear weapons, poverty and hunger of third-world countries, and so on. Among these issues posing a substantial menace to people of the modern world ‘Depression’ holds more than significant weight as it has become one of the most prevalent ailments that can be elucidated by a blend of the factors that are representative of the lifestyle in the modern world. Depression is a serious and major medical ailment that adversely affects a person’s feelings, way of thinking, and actions. Depression leads to feelings of sadness, grief, and/or loss of interest in the activities that were once enjoyed in addition to a wide variety of physical and emotional problems having a tendency to diminish an individual’s abilities to function while at home or at work (Parekh, 2017). There are many types of depression the most chronic of which is clinical depression or major depression and fortunately, all of them are very much treatable once the individual is aware of the causes and the resultant effects of the depression faced. Talking about Australia, an estimated 45% of the total population undergoes a mental health issue in an individual lifetime. During the year 2018, Australia has been recorded to have almost 1 million adults experiencing depression and nearly 2 million undergoing anxiety (BeyondBlue ltd., 2019).

Among the major reasons or causes of depression, one major Personal Factor is ‘Gender’. The said reason is possibly associated with the fact stating that in today’s Australia, there is an extensive assortment of roles that women have to deal with on daily basis like a businesswoman, housekeeper, mother, wife, and so on. Not only that there is a wide array of responsibilities that a woman has to fulfill, but a major issue is also a frequent conflict of these roles with each other. The contributing factors might include unhappy marriages, heredity, and hormonal changes. The other Personal Factors include a tragic and heart-rending family history, complicated and complex life situations, traumas of childhood, long-time life in stressful situations, and other identical life conditions. Related to this class group is also genetic proneness. Meanwhile, having a genetic history of depression or other personal factors as stated above, does not mean that an individual will automatically have depression developed. The said factor group mostly gives rise to the grounds of depression and is frequently integrated with risk factors other than these (BeyondBlue ltd., 2019).

An added group of factors leading to depression comprise various Psychological Issues that most frequently comprise low self-esteem, being a major cause due to the fact that this makes an individual treat himself with neglect thus preventing him/her from believing his own strengths and becoming pessimistic about everything. Other than low self-esteem, the other probable psychological causes include perfectionism, stress, disorders pertaining to avoidant personality, chronic anxiety, and so on (Martin, 2018). Another strong reason for depression in the form of psychological and genetic factors is Alcohol. Though a more general consideration among society is that alcohol helps relieve stress and depression leading to increased communication, the fact is that it is actually a depressant that enhances an individual’s chances of developing depression (Hilliard, 2019).

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As discussed above, clinical depression (also called major depression) is an ailment involving both the mind (thoughts and moods) and body thus affecting a person’s sleeping eating habits, in addition to the way an individual thinks and feels about himself and about those surrounding him. Individuals experiencing stress and depression are not in a position to ‘pull themselves together’ simply, and be treated. An untreated depression tends to last for not only weeks but months or even years without proper psychotherapy or antidepressants. As discussed earlier, one of the most significant effects of clinical depression is a variation in sleep patterns, like insomnia i.e. problem in getting sufficient sleep, an elevated requirement of sleep, and undergoing extreme energy loss. Lacking sleep can further lead to extreme exhaustion, energy loss, and struggle in focusing, concentrating, and/ or decision making. Moreover, an untreated clinical depression might lead to weight loss or gain, feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and irritability (WebMD, n.d.).

Mounting evidence supports the fact that clinical depression imposes serious destruction to physical health. It has been looked upon by the latest studies investigating health and depression, that depression might be a major cause of increased likelihood of coronary disease and stroke among individuals. Results have confirmed that individuals with clinical depression while recovering from heart attacks or strokes have an increased difficulty while making healthcare options. It has also been confirmed by the results of the studies so conducted that the said patients endure more difficulty in following the instructions of their doctors and coping with the challenges presented by their illness. Other studies confirmed that patients with major depression have elevated risks of losing their lives during a few initial months post-heart attacks.

Concluding the discussion, it can be said that the above stated are not the mere probable reasons and effects of depression. Frequently, the said disorder is developed by a cumulation of factors mentioned above. Women developing depression more frequently than men might be most likely and the same can be the case with individuals having psychological issues and complex and complicated personal situations i.e. higher chances of developing depression as compared to other people. Alcohol usage not only does is not a remedy against stress and depression rather helps alleviate the problem in long run. Sleep disorders are not the ultimate consequence of depression rather they have further consequences leading to extreme exhaustion, energy loss, and struggle in focusing, concentrating, and/ or decision making and thus weight loss or gain, feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and irritability. Moreover, physical disorders lead to alleviated chances of stroke, heart attack, and coronary arteries disease. In order to avoid depression, said facts should be considered by individuals in their daily life.

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