Reflection about the Love of God

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Christian fraternity is the equal love of all, a kind of close friendship. Christianity believes that everyone is created in the style of God. There is an image of God in the soul of the human being, so it is necessary to love everyone without distinction. “Love is as if you have already”. This is the command of Jesus. The love of the Lord Jesus Christ is not unconditional, but first loves the most miserable, the least lovely person. Christianity advocates love from the close and close, and the Bible emphasizes the care and love of the poor and the despicable. Many regulations on the Sabbath are for the sake of the poor. God's dignitaries help each other: “In the land that the Lord God has given you, no matter which city, if there is a poor man among your brethren, you can't bear your heart, idle your hands, and don't help your poor brother”. Humanitarian requirements: “You pick up the olive tree, the rest of the branches, cannot be beaten again, to be left to the strangers and orphans and widows. The grapes you pick from the vineyards, the rest, cannot be picked, left to the strangers and orphans and widows. A poor and needy employee, whether it is your brother or a stranger in your city, you must not bully him”.

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When John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, was old, all three letters he wrote focused on teaching God's love. There was a young disciple who complained to the apostle John: “Why do you only talk about the love of God?”. The Apostle John replied: “Because if you don't talk about God's love, there is nothing to talk about”. The mission and lessons of Jesus are focused on the love of God. In the Gospel of John, the apostle John once wrote: “God loves the world and even gives his only begotten Son. He believes that his people will not perish but have eternal life”.

God's love is powerful, never ceases, never change and allows us to face each day with confidence, knowing that all good things are the graces. He has given, and we can rely on his power to face all challenges. Throughout our lives, it is clear that God's love for us is the most important. The road to life is really long. When you understand the love of God, this love will give you the motivation to move forward.

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