The Reasons Why Depression Appears To The Majority Of The Young People

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In the past, talk about healthy, we just know some physical problems that can be seen or identified and we do not know about the psychological matters which can affect a lot of our life. Recently, with the vigorous development of science, scientists research many diseases in human minds especially depression which is common now in society with young people. There are many reasons why depression appears and why the majority of the youth suffer from this emotional illness. In this essay, I will discuss the cause and effect of this matter on the life of young adults.

First of all, the reason for this issues why many young people feel so depressed that from life’s problems. Depression is the type of emotion that makes people tired, hardly focus on something, or feel alone. A majority of human from the youth go to the therapist when these feel strange with their mind but somebody just thinks it is normal. Obviously, this illness can begin from many causes that come from genetic factors, biological factors like chemical imbalances. However the common for this reason that the large percentage make up by the youth is pressure these suffer from it in a long time. According to psychologists, someone underwent unhappy events when they were young like violent family, child abuse, sexual harassment which can lead them to depression. Also, pressure from modern life can make them more depressed, the burden of living expenses, school marks, workload. Moreover, changing the living environment like work or school can hardly get on well with news friends or colleagues which make fell alone can lead to psychological illness.

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It is an emotional illness so most of the patients need to go to a therapist before the illness is more serve. The sign of each person is different, no one has signs like the other. Because depression makes feel bored and tired which lead to anorexia, stay away from family members and friends that can increase the risk of physical health problems and self–harming because of disappointment about yourselves. Depression is regarded as Death Eater because it makes patients have suicidal thoughts and behaviors if the disease is too serious. The human mind of patience is psychological instability so that their behavior is always anxiety, panic disorder, a social phobia that can break some interpersonal relationships. The capacity of work and study is suddenly falling down, affecting a lot about their daily life.

In conclusion, this issue can be regarded as a social issue because of its consequences. With the burden of living in modern society, the human does not concentrate about emotional healthy after we work so hard that we need to release the stress and do more outdoor activities. If having some signs of this illness, should we need to go to a therapist to have the best treatment? Health plays an essential part of our life, do not just some reason forgive our health especially with young adults.

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