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I can say with conviction that I have always been an advocate for technology in this immensely technologically advanced world. The world has seen many changes from Stone Age to the computer-based technology era. Human beings always keep developing and learning new ideas. So it is not surprising that I have a passion for technology, a bit more than what is considered a balanced view. My passion to know how a computer game works grew with my age, to know how a computer works. My passion keeps me updated with the most vibrant technological field, which is computer science. I had then decided that no other field would fulfill my desire of working with computers, then computer science. No other field is as vast and pervasive as Computer Science. As I grew older, my passion for computers grew so vigorously that I had no option but to choose Computer Science Engineering as my field of engineering. I dream to become a computer professional and my passion makes me a Dream Chaser. The future belongs to people who see the possibilities before they become obvious. It belongs to those who dare to dream and leave no stone unturned to fulfill them. Thus, I am confident that, I will lead myself successfully in my life, where my passion and my career are the same. This future of mine is omnipresent and my heart is precisely where my mind is and my imagination is one where I am focussing on the practical application of my learning.

To begin with my educational journey since childhood, I have been academically decent throughout my school. I have secured 84% in my 10th class. During my schooling, I choose Computer Application as an optional subject from my early school days. I showed interest to work with computers and I had an acumen ability to figure out the process behind the functioning of a computer and whatever I came across in my daily life. I have enjoyed learning subjects pertaining to domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Architecture, Embedded systems, and Web Programming.

After completing my schooling, I now had to choose a major for my high school. Naturally, I chose what I’ve always been interested in, and the field which would help me make my career. So I had decided that my passion and career should be the same, i.e. computer science. Hence I choose Mathematics, physics, and chemistry, as my main subjects. During my +2 studies, due to my outstanding performance, hard work, and sincerity, I received a full scholarship and my total fee was waived I completed my studies with an exemplary score of 95.7% in +2.

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After completing high school, it was time to take up a professional course and I decided to opt for engineering in computer science. Now I am closer to my dream and my goal in life is obvious and clear. During my engineering, I was a member of quite a few student bodies representing my college. Apart from being a Corporate Relationship Manager of the Computer Society of India, I was also a member of the entrepreneurship cell in my college. My exposure to such student bodies gave me strong management skills and a headfast attitude while working with start-ups.

I’ve worked on startups such as “Bringshift”, which was not only a startup but also a means to help the poor and needy in my country. I’ve worked with “Bothook”, a tech-based startup that creates chatbots for companies. My exposure to various projects during this internship helped me grow tremendously both skilfully and technologically. It gave me a platform not only just to enhance my skills in web development but also introduced me to the intricacies of programming. While working with startups I realize that there is a lot of scope for the development of self and acquiring knowledge. The technology frontier is vast as it is unexplored. If a determination is backed by opportunities, one can explore new inventions and ideas.

Speaking about myself, I get along with people well and I actually enjoy meeting people from other cultural and geographic backgrounds. I like listening to what they have to say since it makes me more receptive to different views. From what I’ve been told, I have a steadfast attitude. I like to get things done instead of procrastinating. For me, success in life is not having money, but having the ability to make mature decisions, and making my parents proud. I always saw my dad as my role model. He so effortlessly made me into the man I am today.

In conclusion, I would like to add that the essence of university education lies in the synergetic relationship between the student and his department where his dreams are converted into reality. I feel that my studies at your University will be a major step toward realizing my objectives i.e. changing my passion into my profession. I would be really grateful and thankful if I am accorded the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies at your institution and I am able to justify your faith in me. I assure you that during the course I will work without any reservations. I hope you find my purpose definitive and that I fit into your image of a promising student. I look forward to proving myself.

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