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Cyber Bullying: Informative Essay

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Have you ever felt helpless or unable to defend yourself? Does that consider to be a weakness? And does it harms in the long term? I think a lot of people went through this situation I find it interesting to know more that’s why cyberbullying is the topic I chose to discuss. In this assignment, I will gather more information on the meaning of cyberbullying its cusses, and its effect. Also, I will focus on who can be cyberbullying. In the end, I will be giving some solutions that might help to deal with it.

In the beginning, the meaning of cyberbullying according to Oxford Dictionary is “the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature” (Oxford Dictionary). Therefore, it’s an action taken by a person harassing others usually seen in social media nowadays. This action is not acceptable either in social media or in real life. Sociologist calls bullying the dominant behavior in which the person who bullies is trying to overpower others. In 2011 there were a study done by National Center for Education Statistics showed that 9% of students were subjected to cyberbullying. And in 2013 that percentage increased to 13% (Daived. J, 2011).

In addition, cyberbullying can affect a person in many ways. According to UNICEF the effect of it can last in long trim one of its affection is mental a person can feel upset and angry. Also, it can be affecting emotionally, it may lead to loss of passion, exaggerated hate because of trauma and also feeling of shame. Sometimes it may harm physically being bullied may lead to a lack of sleep therefore that leads to headaches and sometimes stomachache (Stephen B, 2013).

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Moving to the next point, who is most affected by cyberbullying? In 2015 at Nottingham Trent University in England, A questionnaire was distributed among the student to find out who is most affected by cyberbullying. The student was between 16-18 years old. The result of this questionnaire showed that young students are more affected by cyberbullying than others. Also, females are much more affected than males (Lucy B, 2015). Cyberbullying is not limited to teenagers or young people, research has proven that it starts from a young age, which makes it dangerous and greatly affects their lives and their thinking in their lives. In terms of gender, girls are at a high risk of getting cyberbullying.

Written comments and words in general can hut as well as spoken words in fact it hurts more since the person can re-read what’s written unlike spoken words therefore, people shouldn’t hastate on this topic. Moving to the final point which is how to deal with cyberbullying and some ways to avoid it. So, facing cyberbullying can either destroy a person or increase his power and that depends on how a person deals with it.

      • Tying not to take it personally:
      • In order not to make things difficult for yourself, avoid exaggerating them and do not take them personally.
      • Not everyone holds the same ideas and beliefs:
      • Therefore, different opinions are possible, and this does not mean it is difficult to accept them.
      • Avoid re-reading offensive comments:
      • Re-reading the offending comments raises anger, and certainly, it ends in a bad way, so the best solution is to report these comments to professionals to solve the problem in a better way.
      • Thirteen-second rule:
      • After writing any response to these abusive comments, you should move away from your device for thirty seconds to avoid any problem in the future and then re-read it if this response may affect the reader in a negative way
      • Sometimes taking a break is a good thing to clear your mind:
      • In the end, this is not a reality, it is a virtual world, so you should take a break from it by doing anything that might help you to relax, such as going on a trip to the park or cooking your favorite meal and enjoying it (Kimberly H, 2017)


To sum up, Bullying is not a new thing for us to know and it is increasing day by day, but in the end, the bully is weak and he feeds on those he sees them less than him. this does not mean that the victim is weak, but mostly it is from peaceful people who keep away from involving themselves in problems. I discussed in this essay three main points first of all giving the meaning of cyberbullying and who mostly gets cyberbullied. The second point was the effect of cyberbullying. And finally, I mention some ways to deal with it.


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