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Introduction Computer development these days are growing rapidly. Different types of new software and computer systems have made human life even easier. It has produced a lot of latest programs and innovations compared to the older computer systems (Malazarte, 2019). This proposal is about finding a computing solution to computerize a library. The private higher institution is currently having a computer system; however, the computer system is a much older system. It is being used for normal work operations. The...
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Introduction The Traverse Area District Library (TADL), a network of community libraries, is a district library funded by a dedicated countywide millage. TADL was established by an agreement between the City of Traverse City and Grand Traverse County and then ratified by a vote of residents throughout Grand Traverse County. Within the district, there are six public library facilities supported by the district millage. They are the Main Library (Traverse City), East Bay Branch Library, Kingsley Branch Library, and member...
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Introduction Libraries are facing a new generation of users, are technologically confident and integrate information access and use in all spheres of their lives in an extraordinary way. Gradually, generation is changing with the time and the present generations’ library users are too passionate with the technology. In the present scenario the quickest library service is possible only by implementing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the libraries. So that library service is more approachable through the implement of ict...
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'Our society is not one of spectacle, but of surveillance” by Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish, 1974 In Discipline and Punish, 1974, Foucault pointed out there are three types of punishment from classical age to modern age. In the classical age, there are many countries of feudalism, like France, China, Korea, etc., that countries adopt the constitutional monarchy system. The King of those countries used to show the view of punishing prisoner to the citizen, which benefits the King to...
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Fast fashion is one of the fastest ways we can destroy our environment and maintain the American implementation that price is what ultimately matters. Consumers can become more aware of their carbon footprint and start to practice ways to minimize their consumption, such as knowing where they are buying from and how it impacts the planet. Sustainable brands such as Pact, Boden, and Tentree promote healthy styles of living fashionably conscious. But what does it mean to be fashion-conscious? Being...
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On August 6th, 1991 the World Wide Web became publicly accessible to anyone who can afford a compatible device. A near 30 years later about 4.33 billion Internet users were recorded being active in the month of July 2019. In today’s society a world without the Internet is unimaginable, representing a foundation in human culture. A couple decades ago, the Internet could be viewed upon as an opportunity to venture business markets and contact relatives from across the globe. Others...
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From 2005 to 2017, a survey for those ages 12-17 showed a 52% increase in reports of symptoms of major depression, and from 2008 to 2017, young adults showed a 71% increase in experiencing significant psychological distress within the previous 30 days of the survey. In 2005, 68% of Americans were using the Internet compared to 90% in 2019, and studies show that Internet use leads to an increase of poor mental health issues. This dramatic increase in Internet use...
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Technology plays a vital role in today’s world. People are so dependent on technology, that one cannot think of survival without it. In 20th century technology has shown its growth in every sector whether it is in education, communication, automobile etc. and also technology has vastly increased our capacity to know, achieve and collaborate. When mentioning of how technology impacts our society people will think of its positive influence. However according to Newton’s third law of motion “for every action...
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Have you ever thought about how the Internet affects our cognitive abilities and changes our way of thinking? According to ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid?’ by Nicholas Carr, the Internet is affecting our process of thinking. The Internet is our ‘short way’ to answer which is causing us to decrease our independence. It's affecting our professional and our personal life, which we can’t separate them to live a more balanced life. We are treating the Internet as an extension of...
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