Homelessness Affect Everyone From All Ages And Cultural Groups

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Homelessness could come in many forms people from children, young adults, adults, and the elderly. In the case of many of them, many people have done many things to try to get out of being homeless although there are many reasons for why people are homeless and depending on what age group you fit in it could be different reasons to what lead them to the place they are in. For example, an increase in poverty rates, lack of affordable housing, Decline in the availability of public assistance all affect both adults and the elderly and at times even adults with a family. For us to get out of poverty since there are many reasons we are in poverty and that is explained in the book as followed: 'DiNitto has defined five different approaches to the conceptualization of poverty in the united states: Poverty as deprivation, poverty as inequality, poverty as culture, poverty as exploitation, and poverty as structure.' (Social Works and Social Welfare) Next Child's homelessness, could be many causes as well with either being in a family one of the bigger issues is that they either lack Parental support, foster homes, or individual care. This case is easy although many kids are afraid to go into a foster home or a homeless shelter because they don't know what would happen to them or if they're with their little brother or sisters they wouldn't want to be separated. This is a big issue although there have been improvements even helping kids at times helping them get an education and even get a job if they can't find someone to adopt them or even foster them. As mentioned above many people get affected from all ages groups from children/infants through adults and elders. Like there are many ages groups that get affected many have different reasons to be homeless as well as have different situations that have them end up in that specific situation. Like those many reasons, there are also many factors such as race and another idea that causes a person to be homeless. Although there are many ways that we as a community can prevent or control homelessness in either our small towns or big cities. Even though they are homeless they also affect people that aren’t homeless depending on the area that you live in.

Homelessness is one of the disasters that one can confront suddenly or where one can be just as being destitute by going for broke which can be certain or negative purposefully or not deliberately. The forces which affect homelessness are complex and often interactive in nature. Social forces such as addictions, family breakdown, and mental illness are compounded by structural forces such as lack of available low-cost housing, poor economic conditions, and insufficient mental health services. Together these factors impact levels of homelessness through their dynamic relations. As mentioned above homelessness affects everyone from all ages and cultural groups. If we are like many thinking that African Americans are one of the most likely to be homeless then we are wrong. “Unfortunately, the public’s racial image of poor people is mistaken, as census data reveal that the most typical poor person is white (non-Latino). To be more precise, 42.4 percent of poor people are white (non-Latino), 28.7 percent are Latino, 23.1 percent are black, and 3.7 percent are Asian. As these figures show, non-Latino whites certainly comprise the greatest number of the American poor. Turning these percentages into numbers, they account for 19.6 million of the 46.2 million poor American.”(Social Problems 2016) Although as overall group children are the highest to be homeless accumulating for about 1.3 million out of the 3.5 million people being homeless every single night.

As much as we need to close our eyes ordinary and imagine this isn't occurring the insights are not a concealed marvels poverty for families is hard especially for families with kids in them because according to the video the united states as of 2012 has one of the highest child poverty rates in the developing countries and also according to the video as of 2017 there are still 14 million kids living in poverty and about 10 percent of those are homeless. Which in the book states 'We saw earlier that 22 percent of American children are poor. This figure varies according to the type of family structure in which the children live. Whereas only 11.6 percent of children residing with married parents live in poverty, 46.9 percent of those living with only their mother live in poverty. This latter figure rises to 53.3 percent for African American children and 57.0 percent for Latino children (US Census Bureau, 2012). Yet regardless of their race or ethnicity, children living just with their mothers are at particularly great risk of living in poverty.'(Social Problems 2016) To add to this in “Social work and Social welfare” reads families with children represent the fastest-growing segments of the homeless and poverty population. (Social works pg 161)

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As mentioned above children are more likely to be in poverty and because of that, they are one of the leading groups that are likely to be homeless. One of the major social problems to cause homelessness in today's society is poverty. Poverty has been a problem since colonial America times and what makes it worse is that it hasn’t changed at all since it has been established as poverty. (Social works pg 168) Even with the number of programs and services given to poverty, it is still a big challenge that still lies ahead and by the looks of it just like past history, it doesn’t look like it will get better soon. In a conflicting view stratification results from a lack of opportunity and discrimination against the poor and people of color. (Social Problems 2016) This is one that relates to the short film I watch called “Park Avenue: Money, Power, and the American Dream” because this theory shows that there are obstacles set in the way of the people in poverty to prevent them from advancing out of the situation they are in which shows higher powers try to keep them in that certain situation because they don't want to lose power they think they own.

One way that Children are affected is that they tend to have higher problems with social interaction as well as problems with school than those children that aren’t homeless. Although that isn’t the biggest problem they tend to repeat a grade or have higher chances of dropping out of school completely and separate themselves from their closest family members. Another issue is one of the major causes of homelessness for children in the U.S. includes experiences of trauma, especially domestic violence, by their mothers and/or by the children themselves; trauma frequently precedes and prolongs homelessness for children and families.”( Family and Youth services bureau 2016) Because of this, they tend to fall victim to causing more problems for themselves such as to cause crime or even hurt other people to let go of their frustrations which are caused at home. Lastly, they have a high chance of having a mental issue as well as health problems which comes at a high price for both the homeless person as well as the community. With that that leads to my next, how does homelessness affect those who aren’t? Well like mentioned above with high health issues being an issue things tend to accumulate.

Although homelessness is a big problem for the people themselves it also affects us as people that aren’t homeless. As a community Homelessness comes at a very high cost to individuals, communities, and systems of care. Numerous studies demonstrate that communities save money by providing permanent supportive housing to people experiencing homelessness. Homeless persons are more likely to suffer from chronic medical conditions and complications due to housing instability. Emergency rooms, crisis response, and public safety systems are utilized at a much higher rate by homeless individuals. With that said it comes to a high price for taxpayers which get their taxes raised. Another way it affects us is that it can also cause health problems for the people around homeless people like health hygiene as well as another issue is can lower property value for naborrhods that have homes around homeless communities. This is a big issue for people trying to sell their homes because they are less likely to sell their homes compared to those people not living in a community with either a homeless shelter or just homeless around the community.

In conclusion from what I have learned, there are many ways Social workers and Psychologists, as well as sociologists, can help people from any situation they are currently in and that also includes people in homelessness. One way is we could start by furnishing help with solid needs is a standout amongst the most critical ways that we could help people in homelessness. Solid needs may incorporate essential necessities like sustenance, garments such as clothes and shoes, and even a shelter like a home, however can likewise incorporate social advantages, medicinal services, or kid care like for babies and small children and even young adults. Social workers can also help customers with solid needs in an assortment of settings, including social administrations offices, network administrations offices, and international aid organizations. They may allude customers to fitting assets, meet customers to straightforwardly furnish them with products, or help customers round out administrative work required for certain social advantages such as filling out papers for school or aid programs that they might need as well as show them what could be best for there family at the time of needs especially in the cases of people living in poverty especially families.

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