Motivational Speech on Cyber Bullying

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Good morning everyone, today I’m standing in front of you to deliver my speech about cyberbullying. But before anything else, what is cyberbullying? As we hear the word cyber, the first thing that comes to our mind is, it is all about technology. Nowadays, as we see in our daily lives, everyone is using a mobile phone even a child is using one. Technology is very helpful in our everyday life, it makes somehow our life easier, easy to communicate with our loved ones, etc. But somehow, did we think about the possible things we might get from using technology? Or did we even know that we hurt someone else by using technology? Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. We all know that nowadays a lot of teenagers use technology every day because of its availability and affordability also, children and teenagers were bullied over the internet and exposed to several risks including.

Cyberbullying occurs when an individual deliberately uses online platforms to harm, humiliate and threaten others. The ones who bully over the internet utilize different techniques like posting mortifying messages or photos of someone online to embarrass them. The bullies can likewise spread bits of gossip to disgrace the person in question. Somehow the effects of cyberbullying were the person being bullied may not feel safe anywhere, and somehow the person would be afraid even in his or her house. It may also feel the bullied depressed and lack enthusiasm. There are some cases that the victims can be humiliated to the point where they commit suicide and even have unexplained anxiety. Cyberbullying can somehow eliminate if the victims come out to report such cases. Children and teenagers need to be educated by using internet platforms. The supervision of adults should be encouraged to monitor children’s activities, especially on social media.

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Cyberbullying is a criminal offense that destroys the safety of internet users, cyber bullying needs to be prevented by every means. Cyberbullying somewhat is a growing concern among parents and guardians that should be dispensed with before it gets out of hand. Online crimes should not be disregarded, as the world is becoming globalized, the internet and other harmful technology need to be regulated to hold good morals. Cyberbullying affects children and teenagers causing several unnecessary deaths. Preventing cyberbullying would limit unnecessary death among teenagers.

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