Observation Of Early Childhood Center At CSU

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During my observation at the Childhood Center at CSU I made sure to keep an eye out for the three domains covered in the chapters. The children I observed were between ages four and six, and the hour and a half I was there mainly consisted of playing, eating, and watching movies or reading books. I observed them on November 8th between 9:00 and 10:30am. I found several examples of psychosocial relationships between what a child seemingly thought and how they behaved with their peers. Biosocial similarities between children that were of the same age. Finally, the cognitive efforts and results of children as they learned new things and how different children reacted to different cognitions.

The first psychosocial concept that stood out to me was the children having emotional regulation. Examples of their emotional regulation were often displayed during play, as you might expect to see there was a lot of selfishness and wanting to get their own way, but as teachers encouraged them to share, I often saw their frustration be pushed away. One girl playing with toy food had it taken right from her hand and you could see the tears forming in her eyes, but instead of screaming at the girl that took it from her she calmly approached one of the teachers and told her that the girl took it from her, clearly regulating her emotions. Another concept displayed a lot was the girls self-concept. They were always looking in the mirrors and evaluating themselves, very obviously aware of their self-concept. When playing with blocks some boys displayed effortful control, as their towers fell but they continued to try without getting frustrated. One thing that surprised me is that I did not observe any cases of imaginary friends, even though the children were at the age these imaginary friends are most commonly found, I didn’t see any examples. Finally, the last psychosocial concept I observed was that of extrinsic motivation. When the boys were building blocks, they were constantly trying to compete and build better towers than the teachers, therefore implying that they were looking for that outside praise.

When considering biosocial concepts, a very major thing that stood out was the growth patterns of the children, between the age range there was an incredible variation of size and proportion between the children. Perseverance was also very apparent in many of the children, as mentioned before regarding building blocks, there was an incredible persistence among the children to outdo each other or their teachers. One concept I observed that didn’t relate to the children’s behavior was the primary prevention for the health and safety of the children. The way the campus was setup was very child friendly, and I could see almost no ways that children could cause themselves harm. As a surprise to me, the motor skills and comprehension skills of these children were exceptional, as many of the younger children were already in touch with their artistic side, and had no problem following and comprehending the more advanced reading and movies they were watching, though I did observe that the girls preferred reading and the boys preferred the movie.

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Finally, regarding cognitive development, the older girls displayed incredible amounts of preoperational intelligence, imagination exuded from them as many of them played ‘house’ or ‘kitchen’ with limited toys and props. They were creating entire restaurants and scenarios with specific details that shocked me. There were even cases of egocentrism as one of the girls proudly pronounced herself the owner of the kitchen while looking in the mirror and proceeded to almost command the other girls playing with her.

One of the younger boys displayed irreversibility when playing with the building blocks, his tower fell over and he started crying, and walked away from the blocks seemingly worried he would never be able to create a tower that tall again. The scaffolding concept was demonstrated heavily by teachers in almost every aspect, whether it was the building blocks, drawing, or even reading difficult words, the teachers made sure to not just give out the answers but to encourage learning. Within the group of girls that were playing house there were a couple instances of social mediation where the older girls were using terminology or behaviors that the younger girls didn’t fully understand, and either the older girls or the teachers helped the younger kids understand the words or ideas the other girls were displaying.

In conclusion, I was very intrigued and surprised on how applicable the things we learned in class are to the lifestyles of children. Within my observations of psychosocial I was surprised to see the level of self-control that was displayed and encouraged within the children. Bio socially the children varied heavily in size and proportion, and displayed incredible perseverance, something I didn’t fully expect. Lastly, I found that the most curious and surprising behavior was the cognitive development of the 6-year-old girls. There were so many curiosities and behaviors that I couldn’t tie to a concept but learned from and enjoyed observing. I believe that this assignment was very beneficial to my perspective outside of class and applying class concepts accordingly.

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