The Secret Life of 4 and 5 Year Old Children: Analytical Essay

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The complexity of children’s cognitive processes has always intrigued me. Children go from helpless and dependent newborns to physically able toddlers in such a short space of time; the complexities of this process are of keen interest to me. Psychology with child development will allow me to study this in more depth and therefore nourish this curiosity and it excites me to attain more knowledge and understanding of the stages and features of this development through a psychology with child development degree.

Throughout my Level of studies, Psychology has acted as a catalyst for my curiosity about child development. As a result of exploring the topic of Attachment, I was able to analyze stages, types, and research into the attachment. Add a bit more detail here- why is this interesting/ useful? I investigated the different psychological approaches and their explanations of human behavior, which has granted me a deeper understanding of the behavior of children and how this behavior is shaped by classical and operant conditioning – suggested by the behaviorist approach. This has given me a good foundation of knowledge for studying child development at the degree level. My studies in Economics and English have given me the ability to interpret data and interpret psychological impacts on characters from the books we read. This is particularly true for economics, where we use behavioral economics to analyze how people make economic decisions, and this overlaps with psychology such as cognitive biases and choice architecture. I really enjoy partaking in this, as it allows us to draw our own conclusions and thoughts on the matter. My passion for child psychology which I believe has driven me to excel in these cognitive-based subjects.

Outside of the classroom, I take my interest in children’s development further. I enjoy taking the time to watch documentaries such as The Secret Life of 4 and 5-Year-Olds and Child of Our Time. This gives an exciting insight into the way the minds of a child work and how they behave around one another. I listen to a podcast by Forum– the Developing Child, which has taught me about the neuroscience of babies’ brains and how they develop through neural plasticity.

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Outside of my studies, I frequently babysit and have grown up with younger children in my family. Babysitting has allowed me to attain a level of understanding of children and their social behavior. Things such as recognition and separation anxiety from the primary caregiver can be seen first-hand. Whether the child understands right from wrong and their ability to interpret their surroundings can be examined and questioned here. I regularly attend a dance class in which I regularly to teach younger peers. This enables me to work alongside children from the age of 4- and observe their actions and their response to authority. It has also enabled me to develop my confidence, patience, determination, coordination, and planning as we have regular dance shows in front of large audiences. I work in a busy café at my local garden center which builds my ability to work under pressure and work collaboratively as part of a strong team, along with my ability to be hardworking and persistent to ensure a uniform standard of work.

Throughout my life, I have encountered many personal challenges which have enabled me to grow as an individual. My experiences in life have given me the ability to communicate in an empathic manner to those who may be in a similar situation, and the resilience to triumph through hardships. With my mother being a single parent, this has motivated me to become a better person and extend the opportunities of other children from other single-parent families.

The thought of furthering my knowledge of psychology and child development excites me. I’m determined to use this knowledge and fulfill my ambition of becoming a child counselor.

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