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Which Matters More Present or Future: Essay

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Jim Rohn who was a famous American famous author and also a famous motivational speaker said that “happiness is not something you postpone for the future it’s something you design at present”. According to his views, he forwarded five keywords for living the life you desire; they are fundamentals, wealth, happiness, discipline, and success. It’s only when you understand what these keywords mean, that you can apply his principles to your life.

Apart from this now we can see the definition of happiness. Happiness is defined as an emotion in which one experiences feelings ranging from contentment and satisfaction to bliss and intense joy. Happiness is one of the emotional states which expresses an enthusiastic mindset. It is expressed by everyone when they are contented with something they possess or see or enjoy. But we are afraid of what lay ahead as fear of the bygone days continuously haunts us. We forget to do an important thing. That is to breathe the soft breezes of the present and relish the happiness. Life is a boon given by God to us, consisting of a series of pleasures and miseries. We don’t know how to agree/accept the miseries which come along our way, at the same time, we even don’t know how to experience the entire delightfulness.

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We are never truly hundred percent happy with our lives. Most studies suggest that consumerism is the most suppressant of happiness, but in this globalized world people show a keen interest in earning money. Happiness is not about how much money we have, that is about our mental satisfaction. Studies suggest that the happiest occupation around the world is clergy, the reason for this is they have a high level of spiritual well-being, Mental satisfaction plays a major role in a person’s happiness, and everyone must satisfy with what they have. It is not only enough to maintain our happiness but also the happiness of another person or community surrounding us essential to our own happiness. The day we can laugh and not know why we are laughing, is the pleasure of happiness. Happiness streams unexpectedly like a mountain spring after April showers in minds that are placated with straightforward living. It comes not by helplessly wanting for it but rather by imagining, considering, and living it in all situations. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is the only gift where you enjoy happiness. That’s why it is called a present. If we are living in the future, we are too nervous, wishing for something that is not happening yet. If we are dwelling in the past, we, mostly, lament over the bad things that happened and the days which dumped us. But living in the present split second is where we will have maximum control. That’s why happiness should be felt in present and should not be postponed at any cost.

Everyone deserves to be happy and many people are not really sure how to make them happy. To make a happy future one must accept the present, celebrate it, and appreciate it, even if they like it or not. Small acts of appreciation for the present state can cause giant shifts in one’s life. One simple way to understand happiness is after discovering an action that makes one feel happy, the individual should continue doing this action at all times. Different activities fulfill each individual happiness standard. Stress can destroy one’s happiness. A way to avoid stress could be by socializing. Faiths and beliefs of religions also teach us about being happy forever. Meditation and yoga are precious gifts introduced to us which give us more patience and make us feel the wisdom inside us.

We are not sure about what is going to happen next. What determines it is the delightful contented things in the present. Sweet present truly gives the brightest future. Entertaining happiness in the current instant is the path to the stupendous future. So we should live every little bit of time in happiness and stay assured to live with success and happiness. For that everyone must satisfy with what they have. In addition to that well-planned activities lead to a successful and happy future.

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