Advantage of in Store Shopping Essay

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With modern technology at its peak and the amazing changes that have taken place in the global market, the trend to shop online is increasing day by day. People are getting involved with the internet and online stores to get the essential things for their daily use.

But there are some, who prefer to shop in stores rather than go online for the same task. These people are not ill-advised or live in remote pasts, they just have their mindset on buying things in stores. People want to get a heads up for what they are buying and to get a sense of surety with the fact that their money is going to the right place.

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But ‘’is it better to shop online or in-store” is a paradoxical question and has many reasons and judgments of its own.

We will throw some insight into both eventualities of buying online Vs in stores.

What and why people buy online

To get around this two-headed question, let us consider some facts about why people prefer buying online and what they are interested in. The whole row about online shopping Vs in-store shopping comes to this, what interests people online and does not induce the same thrill in stores? Well, there may be several reasons:

    1. Goods that are difficult to get hands-on like electronics, home, and kitchen items, or certain books which are rare.
    2. Video games and other limited-edition stuff have been wiped out from the stores already.
    3. Millennials (young adults) and business owners are more likely to shop online.
    4. Home delivery and setting up service, which is free of charge.
    5. The whole global market is just at the disposal of your fingers.
    6. Convenient shopping with price comparison and a touch of variety.


These factors convince people to shop and seek online shopping compared to in-store.

People shopping in stores

We heard what online shopping people had to say, now let’s hear what people have to say about shopping in a store.

The people who dislike the idea of shopping online Vs in in-store have their own beliefs. They mostly buy food and clothing items in stores, because this allows them to judge for quality and freshness of the items they are buying. The following key points will shed some good light on this topic:

    1. People are interested in buying their grocery and food items by themselves.
    2. Conscious people always prefer going to a market for their needs, because it gives them a sense of accomplishment.
    3. Cosmetics and health care items are also a priority in in-store shopping.
    4. People can get their items at retail prices instead of paying double for them over online channels.
    5. The “Try it and take it” philosophy is the number one factor that compels people to shop in person because they want to see, touch, and try whatever they are spending their money on.
    6. And there are always some people who can’t just wait for that delivery truck to arrive with their item, they go and grab it.


This was an overview of psychological analysis of people who are shopping online and shopping in-store. The only difference is their mindset which compels them to take a side and roll with it. Both choices have their pros and cons, but instead of taking a side and getting stuck with the option for the rest of our lives, we can switch between buying online Vs in in-store.

We can buy certain items from stores and some specific ones over the internet. This hybrid decision will not hurt a bit, instead, it will ease things for us regarding shopping or buying necessary items for our daily use,   

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