Compare and Contrast Essay on Country Life Vs City Life

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People throughout their life lead different lifestyles. They adapt to different places and styles of living. The human settlement is basically divided into two parts that are urban and country. This essay shall discuss the comparison and contrast between the urban and country areas based on the level of population, contact with the environment, level of development, social mobility, recreational and technological facilities, and occupational standards. First of all, it is necessary to know about the meanings of the urban and the country areas before going to any comparison between them. Urban lifestyle is known to be the modern and well-socialized society of people enjoying various advancements in different fields and country areas are said to be the region with some backwardness and fewer facilities.

A settlement where the population is too high is known as an urban city with the higher features of a built environment that includes basic human facilities. On the other hand, the region of the country involves a lesser population with an equal amount of basic facilities like food, shelter, or cloth as urban life. Moreover, the urban lifestyle is connected with the pace of the internet, and social media while the people of the countryside are not much engaged in the facilities of the internet because of fewer educational and technological activities. Although, life seems to be complicated or fast-moving in the urbanized areas due to the ‘ less time or more work’ to the individuals which is why their life seems to be stressful or exhausting. Whereas, in country life, people live simple or relaxed lives. Also, there are more advancements in the educational status in the urban lifestyle due to more opportunities available for students in the educational sector through the English medium schools, colleges, and institutions for the proper functioning of the students' courier with the help of the highly qualified staff of mentors who teach or guide them properly towards their aims so that they can gain more respectful jobs which are missing in the country areas due to improper infrastructure for educational institutions and also not having proper education system.

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Moving further, If there are advantages for the people living in towns or cities in the field of education or technology then they get widely isolated from nature due to the built existence like the towns, buildings, bridges, and highways in the environment. Conversely, the rural areas are in direct contact with nature and influence the people with the natural beauty of the environment. After that, when it comes to the word ‘socially mobilized’ then the individuals living in city life are more ahead due to the adaptation of changing occupations, jobs, or residences frequently. However, less intensive occupational or territorial mobility seems to be noticed in rural areas or country life. If we look towards the sector of work then the nonagricultural work is done by the people who live in the cities or states that are trade, commerce, or service work. In contrast, the primary occupation of the country people’s is only agriculture or animal husbandry. Moreover, the division of labor is also not present in the country area but opposed specialization in the labor division is present in the city or urban areas by different job opportunities for the employees or workers. Whereas, urban living grants people lots of health facilities due to the advanced infrastructure and the various health equipment that are used for treating problems related to health but on contrary, these all health facilities and expensive treatments for major health issues are not possible in the countryside region due to improper infrastructure for hospitals, clinics and also an unqualified staff of doctors also, this is the biggest reason why people get migrated from country life to city one for get proper treatment of their health-related issues! The same is with the transportation facilities as people living in urban get adapted the smooth roads and private vehicles due to which they get relied on personal vehicles and used them for their daily purposes and causing lots of pollution but in country life, people are totally free from the problem of pollution because they used private vehicles more and live a more active life than urban ones and also contribute the environment in stopping pollution.

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