Essay on Secret of Longevity: Good Behaviour or Genes

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In a modern world, longevity is convinced as one of the most important parts for human-beings, more and more people want to have a long lifespan. Scientists are dedicating on which parts would be more important in human lifespan, genes or behavior. Some people believe that our genes depend on our parents, most of the diseases are caused by family inheritance, family history is one of the strongest risk factors for common disease such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and so on. However, a good life behavior can change even the whole life of a people. And I am firmly believed that good life behavior is more important than genes.

In the first place, I have seen an article, which described a twin; their parents are both fat, so it means that the twin will both have the genes that associate with fat. And they were adopted by different families and have different growth environments, and the result is one of the twins, inherit her parents, another one is opposite to her parents. Though many years research the scientists finally found that the twin have experienced the similar situation. Both of them like to eat, and easy to get hungry. Also, they both easy to gain their weight, and their brain always tell them that they need to stay relax, eat more and avoid doing any exercise. When they all group up, one had similar size with her parents followed, but the other one was forced to take physics exercise every day, it happened for a long while, that result such a totally different body size. And it is easy to know the slim one has a longer lifespan than the other one. In this example, it obviously that people who have a good behavior is more important than genes.

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Furthermore, genes can always be changed when we don't know and we cannot control. What we can operate is our behavior. Though the physical traits and behaviors you born with and what you get experienced are both important during your life. Your characteristic can influent your experiences and your experiences can impact your characteristics. Your behavior will change when you experience more. Genes are easy to be changed, for example, when a woman pregnant the behavior of the woman can also make a different to the new-born baby. In some situation genes may play an importance part, it determines the basic way for most of your physics condition like tall range, IQ, the disease which you have when you born and so on. However, these could not make a key decision in your whole life. The acquired change can lead a person to their way. How we face with the difficulty is mostly depend on what we have experience and what we think about it, which is not related to genes. It is totally different that the optimistic and negative people face with the same problem, the optimistic can always lead the ending well. On the contrary, the negative people will give up which lead a worse ending.

To sum up, good life behavior is more important than genes for a long and health life. Why inherit genes estimate can just be a reference is that genes' change is not sure and have a wide range. We are not sure when and where would be the genes changed. Not all longevity people have a perfect gene system, but almost all of them have good behavior that can help their long and health life. We cannot change our genes which is talented, but we can try to perfect our life behavior that help us with a longer lifespan.

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