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The purpose of the proposal

Promotional media that is often used to convey information about products is advertising media. This proposal aims to offer cooperate with golf sports equipment manufacturers to market their products on our social media that focus on golf sports. The main goal is to convey to young people that golf is a sport that is relaxed, affordable, and far from being old, and fun. At the very least, a new paradigm is presented that this sport is also a sport for young people.

The medium chosen for the proposed project

Golf is a unique sport. Everyone can play it, but not all can be 'masters' in this sport. For this, our project is to make a youtube channel to share info, knowledge, and experience to help peoples who are able to play golf properly and correctly. The name for this channel is 'Golf Coach'

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Why do we use Youtube as media? There is no denying that YouTube has shocked the world and other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Each media has its own way of sharing content, be it an article, image, or video. With almost 1.5 billion users worldwide, the company can count on many eyeballs for monetizing its advertising content. This figure is projected to grow to 1.86 billion global YouTube users in 2021 (Gilbert, 2018).

Hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos are watched every day, generating billions of views. Given this phenomenon, YouTube's video channel about sports, especially golf, continues to increase. Viewers love watching videos about perfecting their swing techniques, the latest fashion items that will be worn during the rain, and releasing humor from the best golf frustration (Carmody, 2017).

The rise in smartphones and other mobile device usage has also helped increase the consumption of YouTube videos on the go. While experience counts for everything when it comes to being adept at any sport, it is helpful to enhance the level of knowledge. Watching sport-related videos for golf, in particular, can be helpful, and helpful from famous golf YouTube channels would prove to be beneficial for many golfers.

Target audiences

In general, the target for this project is all YouTube audiences, but more specifically those who are enthusiastic about golf sports. Those who want to learn to play golf. Generally, it costs a lot to hire a golf coach. However, as beginners, they can learn the initial techniques of playing golf through the tutorial videos that we make without paying a penny.

The next target is to introduce golf to young children. You could say the sport belongs only to the upper class and adults only. It is time to change the perception of golf as a sport for old people because there are many young golfers, who occupy the top 10 in the world.

So the conclusion of the target of the 'Golf Coach' project is very broad, recognizing no differences in gender, age, or class, anyone can be an audience and obtain the same information.

How the proposed project will be distributed/marketed on selected media channels

After producing the video and optimizing it for search, then how do market channels and videos on YouTube? Although ranking high in search results and having a large customer base is ideal, that goal may be difficult to achieve when just starting out.

That is why it is important to always spread the word about this YouTube channel project through other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Fortunately, YouTube and other platforms make it easy to share video content (Collins, 2018)

Finally, make sure to engage with viewers, respond to comments, answer questions, ask for feedback, and thank viewers for their support. This is an easy but often forgotten task.

Obstacles in the projects

  1. The number of subscribers is very important for a channel because having sufficient subscribers makes our channel considered a quality channel not only that, it can also make us excited about creating content because there is someone who is faithfully waiting for our video update (Schultz, 2018).
  2. The hallmark of a channel that has developed is to have haters. Large channels do not feel complete if they do not have haters. Haters are someone who does not like your performance, your work, or whatever you do and these haters will always insult you and make you despair (Eves, 2018).
  3. Golf is an expensive sport. Is one sport that requires a wide field. Because it is large, the cost of renting the field is also large. The main reason for expensive rent is due to maintenance. Not counting the expenses for golf clothes, golf shoes, and other accessories (McGarr, 2016).
  4. Copyright, this problem often arises even for beginners who still do not know how to make content correctly. Surely we are from uploading videos on YouTube which are sometimes problematic (Schultz, 2018).

How these obstacles will be addressed

  1. Improve the quality of content by presenting something new that does not make the audience or viewers bored and make connections with the audience so that the audience is moved to subscribe.
  2. Making a work that makes your haters stunned because the quality of your video is very high quality and also makes the haters a motivation to work better (Eves, 2018).
  3. In collaboration with golf equipment manufacturers such as Titleist, Taylor Made, Callaway, Ping, Nike, Mizuno, and others to become sponsors of this project. The form of cooperation can be in the form of advertising on the YouTube channel or the endorsement of their products to be displayed on the channel.
  4. Video content must be as authentic as possible in terms of video and sound aspects by downloading license-free sound, well of course there are many advantages if you create original content, which makes visitors view our channel as clean and not plagiarism and certainly unique, monetized, and will look good in the eyes of YouTube.


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