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This essential reflection is concentrated on my very own expertise of leadership whereby I recommend areas for my very own development. I'm additionally exploiting hereby leadership theory and ideas in analyzing and evaluating the leadership case that I'm presenting. Leadership could be a method or series of actions directed toward cluster goals; it's a systematically incontestable pattern of behavior with sure objectives. It helps to direct and motivate managers, employers, and employees on how to perform the task in what way. I currently reflect on why I failed first with theoretical knowledge without practical operation in the first experience and then was able to win by using skills of being a leader by using Gibbs’ reflective cycle.


Leadership is the art of directing, motivating, and inspiring a group of people to achieve the desired tasks of any organization. I remember a leadership experience that helps to inspire me a lot and helps to become a good leader. I remember a situation when I overcome a problematic situation through my leadership skill. It was 3 years ago when I participate in a basketball competition and this competition; it required five members of a team who represent the class and I was a leader who leads this team and provides procedures, strategies, ideas, plans, and take a decision to win the match. We practice 4 hours a day and do some exercises. On that day we were nervous, and suddenly on that day one of my team members felt inquiry due to falling on the ground when we were playing, and the doctor said to take some rest. So, the count of my team member is reduced. We find a lot of difficulties because he was a well-known player on my team, so that’s why we all lost hope and felt to lose the game. So, as a team leader, I played a vital role in the team, I manage the team, make plans, ideas, and strategies, and motivate all team members by adopting the right decision to win the match and to handle this situation. And the whole team follow the guidelines that I provided and then finally we win the match. So, that was a time when I became the leader of the team and we won the match with the help of my leadership skills. After solving the problems in the process, I finally knew the power and skills of leadership for the first time, how they can handle any critical situation with their active mind and find the solution to any problem.


In the beginning, I was confident to perform in this competition with infinite expectations. I was looking forward to doing well in this match, which was not a one-person job. I hope all the people who had contact with me would regard me as a good leader. During that time, I feel that our team will lose the match and face failure. And also think that why it has happened to us and thought that if God gives us one chance, then we overcome this problematic situation. I react during this experience, very calmly and peacefully, because I remind myself that hope never fell down and try to adopt useful ideas that will be beneficial for the team. Along with this, the win and failure of my team matter to me because I was the leader of the team and my one decision will definitely change the whole game. So, if I lose my hope, the whole team lost our hope. So, I react bravely and motivate my team members on how to win the team and get to know the power of leadership for the first time.


In the beginning, I thought I had good coordination and communication with the team member. During the experience, many things happened which helps me to learn more about things like how to corporate with others, and how to deal with a problematic situation, and that proves to be beneficial for me and it worked. However, I had overlooked a critical point that this was the competition, not the case in class, where accidents happened frequently. So, when a problem came, I could not solve it immediately. After the adjustment, I could handle the working and control of the teams, which means all things square measure totally different. What you are doing in one scenario won't forever add another. I want to use your judgment to decide on the simplest course of action and also the leadership vogue required for every scenario. For instance, I will be got to confront an associate degree worker for inappropriate behavior, however, if the confrontation is just too late or too early, too harsh or too weak, then the results could prove ineffective.

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In retrospect, why did I fail at the beginning of my first experience of being a leader? Firstly, I was so confident about management's theoretical knowledge that I did not realize the necessity of reality. However, theory and practice are complementary and inseparable because students can learn a lot from specific situations while training can better understand the idea. No doubt, with a limited number of team members, the team performs well in the competition due to make proper communication and cooperation level among themselves. And all members follow the rules and guidelines provided by the leader. So, that things help the member to get more interaction with each other and learn more skills from each other, along with this, the team won the match from this set of data, he was ready to combine clearly the concepts being given to him, regarding every chunk of data as a possible contribution to what the team was attempting to realize, and establish the issues and challenges in the manner. Leaders did all this with the assistance of the team, during which it should even be noted that cooperation may be a necessary part of leadership, that should be thought of in triple-crown leadership.

Moreover, this state of affairs was harmonious with transformational leadership theory, which is targeted at people’s interaction with others, as they produce a solid relationship that results in trust, which successively results in magnified intrinsic and alien motivation in each the leader, and therefore the follower before any competition build a different arrange and strategy for the team if any downside occurs, then this could be applied at the place of initial one and on the spot, member don't lose their hope and don't get in a hurry. What is more, downside resolution wasn't the sole task of our supervisor, however, it concerned everybody in our team, so, a group-shared activity. Also, get an additional range of individuals because of the total limit of members that may be used in the place of any member in the case of an emergency. The speculation maintains that the leader sees a path that has to tread and gets the cluster to accomplish it by commanding, rewarding, soliciting suggestions, etc.

However, I came to grasp that I failed to undergo development programs for inventive downside resolution, which I feel is critical, considering that for a frontrunner, the employment of cooperative skills and creativity techniques is a component of the leadership strategy.


Throughout my expertise, I learn plenty of things from my expertise that square measure positive on my behalf of me. I learned skills like leadership, motivation, directing, inspiration, communication, and cooperation from my expertise. It empowers me and boosts my information level as becoming a leader. Also, I failed to place myself in an exceedingly correct position. I used to be the leader during this task, which meant I was required to relinquish this team an easy angle, however, I failed to. In the starting, I felt that the leadership drawback was innocuous. Later, once I complete the matter, it absolutely was rough to simply accept that I had done thus badly, thus I had maintained the established order. The expertise was positive and I did well during this, however, I need to enhance some area units square measure as that later facilitate me to become a more robust smart leader like increasing group action, don't simply feel down hope, and increasing the information concerning all areas. The primary life to require is to still learn management information. Learning can never stop, rising social skills as a result of I failed to have a decent understanding before, that junction rectifier to the separation of reality and theory. Now, I actually have to mix theoretical information with expertise to attain additional generous use of the facility of information. I will be able to find out how to create totally different reflections within the same scene to seek out the proper technique, and then believe victimization a similar thanks to facing different things to conjointly react in time. In sum, Gibbs’ cycle helps me find out how to replicate myself. With this model, I will simply acknowledge my strengths and weakness, keep in mind to create up for the deficiency, and create plans in situations that I actually have never thought of. I take into account that Gibbs’ cycle is beneficial in distinguishing and evaluating myself.

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