The Influence Of False Advertisement

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In America, false advertisement has been going on for a while now. Whenever we see something “cool” or “useful” we want to have that object, our kids are the ones that get affected by false advertisements easily. The parents can easily be fooled by these adds as well because they’re the one that buys the objects for themselves and their kids.

One of the popular false advertisements is food, these food owners use celebrities or people that are famous and make us buy or taste their food. We as passive consumers are not aware of what’s in that food product or where it came from nor do we know the process of the food. All we “care” about is the taste. We don’t know what kind of ingredients are in the food. Unhealthy food can get us sick or can cause any type of disease.

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Unhealthy fast food is also commonly believed to cause obesity, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions. “ The problem of obesity is so staggering, so out of control, that we have to do something” (Barboza 9). These foods are consumed in huge quantities due to their widespread availability and sometimes because no healthy food is within reach. Most fast food gets you sick due to the unhealthy use of ingredients and products. When this food comes from farms, it goes through a long process, and chemicals are put into these products to make it stay fresh like meat, vegetables, and fruits too. “ When food, in the minds of an eater, is no longer associated with farming and with the land, then the eaters are suffering a kind of cultural amnesia that is misleading and dangerous” (Berry 1). We need to be careful with what type of food we put into our bodies it could cause some serious problems, some of these problems or diseases don’t even have a solution to them so there’s a possibility of you dying.

Many companies were sued for fraud because when they try to sell their product, they usually end up putting false information for us so we believe it’s “safe” when really it isn’t. Farmworkers and owners face a myriad of health risks, including chronic and high risk of injury, and limited access to health care. Routine antibiotic use in animal agriculture contributes to antibiotic resistance, diminishing the effectiveness of these drugs for human use. “Commodity prices lurching upwards and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization preparing for an emergency meeting to discuss the crisis, that position looks hopelessly naive” (Rayner 14).

These false advertisements can ruin your life or make you extremely sick. From eating unhealthy/ junk food these teenagers are getting really sick and having problems at a young age. However we can prevent this from happening if we pay attention to what kind of food we put in our body or do research on healthy and unhealthy foods, so we can further educate ourselves about the choices we make when it comes to false claims and advertisements we as consumers need to be aware of the types of food we buy and also we need to realize that companies use to persuade us to buy their products and that they don’t care about our health and they’re spreading false information to raise gain more money and publicity. This could cause some serious issues in the future or for our future kids knowing that these kinds of things actually occur in the world.

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