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Born Equal: Is Race Discrimination Tearing This Concept Apart?

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Take this distressing analogy that is, miserably, used all too often in our society; a person is viewed as a parasite arrives uninvited and unwanted, takes without giving, disrupts the local environment and lays claim to that which is not its own. There is a huge systematic stripping away of humanity here. It has been argued that nationalised violence and aggression towards particular groups is preceded by a denial of the victim’s reality as a human being. So, when a cruel person has their vicious, critical voice expressing vivid and ruthless discrimination on races, it is simply because they do not see the person. They see the person as a parasite of society that has a corrupt reputation and that the people around that person need to “be vigilant and alert” as well as constantly on the lookout. People are told to look for other life-threatening ethnic groups/races such as Muslims, Syrians, Arabic and Islamic communities.

While there are races who set a violent reputation among themselves, there are also mild racism occurs in the background of life for no particular reason but just crude speculations. These insignificant racist people are the ones separating our society. People like Ally aged 38 years old, need to stand up for what’s right and their race. Racism “it stop with me now” public transport reports; “I was heading to Richmond on a tram and there was an elderly lady sitting on the seat across the aisle from me. A few Asian people got on the tram, she got up and moved to sit next to me. She rudely mumbled something about Asian criminals as she sat down, clutching her purse on her lap. I said “you don't like Asians either, do you? So many in this area, aren't there?” She smiled. I finished with “Thank God you can't tell I'm Malaysian then, otherwise where would you sit now? People like me you can’t spot. I am Malaysian but at least I’m not a racist”. People that are callous and insulting like that women, they’re the weakest aspects of humanity. Around one in five Australians say they have experienced race hate talk, such as verbal abuse, racial slurs or name calling. More than one in 20 Australians say they have been physically attacked because of their race. Utterly disgraceful and shocking to know such a well-reputational country has such disgusting behaviours and statistics towards races, after all are we one of the most multicultural countries in the world?

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“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”- How much of humanity follows this universal declaration of human rights or is this statement a global joke?

Racism causes harm to everyone. It hurts individuals, communities and our society at large. It can also hurt people’s freedom and dignity. Those who endure racism can be made to feel they have less freedom, or are second class citizens. This creates a society where people don’t trust and respect each other. It challenges our society’s values of equality and fairness. To solve the vital equality and fairness issue in society we need to develop strategies for dealing with racism at home, at school and in the community. To all the parents out there, encourage and value diversity and foster a sense of cultural pride. Make sure you make it known that racism is against the law, is unacceptable and no one deserves to be treated disrespectfully. Teaching kids from a young age has proven to decrease prejudice. At school talk to the principal about the school’s policy for dealing with racist bullying and ask what formal steps the school will take to prevent it from happening again. Keep in contact with the school until the problem is fixed and make sure it does change. Outside the school, address the issue to the Human Rights Commission if necessary. Make sure to be assertive and challenge the behaviour of racists and telling the person that their behaviour isn’t okay and needs to stop. Make a difference to help, promote and defend human rights and make a difference in combatting racism in your community.

Nine out of ten survey respondents said racism was an “extremely important” or “very important” issue for Australia. One clear message came through the consultation: tackling racism in all its forms is critically important if we want to build equal and inclusive communities. If we could just improve on what we verbalize towards races, the world would be a very admiring and respectful place. Racism is a lethal weapon but it can also stop with you. You can make the difference. Educate your children from a young age. Be a role model. Be respectful. Start today. Start now. Be that change in society that could potentially end this crisis once and for all. We don’t have to watch discrimination against races, we don’t have to watch people tearing each other to shreds rather we can accept our different variations of culture and harmonize as a collection of humanity.

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