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Intro With 2.3 million people in jail and prisons, 7 million on probation or parole, the US is by far the most incarnated nation on the planet. With numbers like these, its safe to assume that we as a nation also spend the most on our criminal justice system with nearly 270 billion dollars in expenditures annually. These numbers have grown nearly 70 percent in the last 2 decades. Numbers alone it is clear that our justice system is outdated,...
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In a variety of different careers, but not limited to Justice/Human services, critical thinking is crucial when trying to come up with an appropriate response to a situation, but not doing so can cause an array of problems. There are many examples across the world in which critical thinking was or was not actively used during a situation that needed more attention to detail. It's safe to say that critical thinking is an important skill to have when dealing with...
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How are individuals with mental illness approached by law enforcement? Taking calls for service for individuals with serious mental health issues and drug misuse consist of a small portion of police calls, but nevertheless consistent (AMelissa et al., 2018). Dealing with people with serious mental health issues represents roughly about 6-7% of all community contacts (AMelissa et al., 2018). Providing services to the mental health community continues to have exertions on resolution strategies throughout the U.S., while law enforcement tries...
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Are you the same person you were at 14 years old? Or do you think you grew perhaps a bit wiser or smarter from life experiences? Society has always been treating minors differently than adults. For instance, they aren't allowed to buy cigarettes, or alcohol or can't rent an apartment, as we acknowledge that they aren't mature enough to make certain decisions. Yet, we give these juvenile offenders the same treatment as a fully-grown adults by depriving them permanently of...
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The criminal justice system, which is made up of law enforcement, attorneys, judges, courts of law, and prisons, was created with the intention of protecting the public by prosecuting and jailing, while also providing justice to those accused through defending and sentencing. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is unable to work properly if members within the society are not provided with accurate and trustworthy knowledge. That being said, video games take a massive toll on the criminal justice system due...
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Have you ever thought about the death penalty? What it is, why it happens, what they do to deserve it, or if some of the people that are convicted and murdered were even guilty? Imagine, if you were put on trial for raping and murdering a women. You were put on death row and executed. But after you were murdered, more evidence was found that you were not guilty. Oops sorry, you're dead. There is no erasing that giant mistake...
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Introduction In a period of 15 years since 9/11, the US has been faced with a sense of fear mostly, by American Muslims who add up 1% of the community. This fear is embraced in the type of pestering, harassment, and violent behavior (Tonry, 2017). There have been great changes in the police and other law enforcement agencies. There have been also increased sharing of information, federal, state and local law enforcement and intelligence agencies (Weimann, G. 2005). The paper...
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In this essay, I will argue why the adversarial system is an advantage for criminal justice over the inquisitorial system. As we all know, the adversarial system has to deal with two sides which are the prosecution, which is the team trying to prove with their evidence to the judge and jury that the person accused is guilty of their actions, and the other hand, we have the defense, which is the team of people proving to the judge and...
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Electronic monitoring and parole are an ingrained part of the toolkit of criminal justice, but astoundingly little is known regarding the conditions under which it is effective. Efforts to upsurge the intensity of supervision for crime- and cost-saving aims have produced diverse outcomes at best. This paper will assess the best correctional program to use, along with the best method a correctional officer can use to determine the effectiveness of a program. Intensive supervision probation or parole (ISP) is an...
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