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How To Use Learning Theories To Motivate People To Learn In Your Organization

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As a big organization, my working places not only provide medical healthcare community but at the same time also provide education because is a teaching hospital and doing research too. Every year large number of new staff in different category in different unit will joint in service. Each department they try their level best to train, educate and mole their new staff accordingly to their unit protocols, to ensure they able to perform well their carrier. Each time when train the new staff or staff from other unit, the unit manager should analyst the different theory and apply the correct type of training to the staff needed.

Usually for new staff, the better theory suggested to apply is behaviorist Learning theory. This is one of the classic learning theories. Tis behaviorism theories suggest if the learner doesn’t know any think, newly joint to the current unit, so all human behavior can caused or explain by external stimuli. By using this theory, we able motivate the learners by offering positive reinforcement for individuals modeling the right behavior and negative reinforcement for the behavior we want to discourage. In behaviorist theory the learner is passive, the trainer or the unit manager is instructor. This theory use traditional classroom setting, that the learner sit quietly while the trainer or the unit manager lecture them on a given topic. Usually they will give briefing or lecture about their unit or about their specific work and then take a test to analyze what has been retained and need to train them intensively. From this theory the new staffs able learn more about their work and their role in the unit deeply and clearly. When they have lecture on their job description, refreshment, revision and guidance they will feel great and confidence to learn and perform well in the new organization.

Another one better example learning theory to motivate staff to learn in working place is Cognitive learning theories. These learning theories explain those learners are active agents in the learning process and that they bring all their prior knowledge, memories, and interest when there’re in learning process. Learners are active participants, questions and comments are encouraged, and the trainers facilitate their learning by regularly relating it to real-world scenarios where they would apply this knowledge. This theory also suggested that if learner find their training is meaningful, they’re more likely to retain it. The trainer or the unit manager might make the session interactive by pairing the learners up to role play, a common scenario or divide them into groups to solve a real problem that the staff will facing in future in their carrier. From applying this theory the staffs able think and come out some ideas for problem solving in different angels. When the able to think and solve the problem, they will feel more confidence and motivated. At the same time this experiences and guidance will encourage them to learn more and move forward with motivated.

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Beside of other theories, the constructivist learning theories may another one good choice to motivate the staff to learn in an organization. This theories approach unit manager or the trainer take a role of guide or coach rather than a traditional instructor. This theories suggest the learners are active agents who learn best when discovering things for them self rather than simply being lectured to. For example the learner occurs through role-play, debate, and collaborative problem solving. These theories help guiding learners in the right direction and pointing out potential obstacles and opportunities. Gide the new staff and let them follow with senior staff. While they perform at their own and at the time under senior guidance, the will fell more confidence to perform well. Hands on each procedure at their own under senior supervision it’s very important. When some there to help them and guide them and correct their mistake, they will fell they are under coverage and will help them learn more with confident.

Following is adult learning theory. This is unique theory. This theory is between adults and children when it comes to learning, and how they could be exploited in adult education. Adults tend to be more self-mutilated, and often have practical reasons why they’re seeking knowledge. Adult also should have greater say in the process of their learning and that much of it could be self-directed. Generally this theory very appropriate usually these theories appropriate apply to senior staff. They are more experiences and knowledge able. They able learn their self without any guidance’s. They have high potential in good learning and also able coach, guide and teach a junior staff. The no need the superior or senior to guide them. They able and highly motivated to look for information, self-motivation, and other reverent education. These theories help the staff to move forward in education wise. At the same time its help them more knowledge and able guide the juniors with more confidence.

In today’s fast dynamic world, it seems that organization have to say ahead of the competition by developing and enhancing the knowledge and skills of their employees. According drunker people are our greatest asset” which mean employees are the most valuable resource in an organization. This to make employees work their optimal performance, organizations should value the employee development. Learning theories is drive knowledge. It’s a method for achieving the enhancement of employee development. Appropriate learning theories applied to the appropriate persons promote continuous improvement.

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