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Impact of Technology Essays

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Essay on Internet Misuse Among Youngsters

Has the thought of the Internet ever made you consider it as an electronic drug? The millions of people who can’t go a day without being online, hurting real-life relationships, obsessive thoughts about the online community, making them lonely in the process and even cause side effects. A few negative reactions may include but not limited to withdraw, excessive use, tolerance, as well as negative repercussions. We know the great things about the Internet, but what about the downside? Problematic...
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Essay on the Benefits of Technology in Education

Have you ever tried to imagine your life without high-tech technology? How people have found their sources for their need for learning before the invention of the Internet? How long they should have to be commuted to provide their need for education? Technology brought many different things to our life and it affected our current lifestyle so much. Improvement in technology provides many opportunities for the human to do everything even beyond their imagination. It made our life easier and...
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Essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phones for Children

Cell phone usage has always been a contradictory and immense topic to speak about especially with the impact on younger generations. In this paper the information will be addressing the use of smartphones relating to effects it can have on children of all ages. There are many aspects of the situation, but it recently has become quite a much broader issue now that the faces behind the screen are young children and preteens. I will be discussing both the advantages...
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The Dangers of Internet of Things

Each year, technology all over the world gets more advanced and tortuous, but the things that are controlled by the Internet are the most cautious to be around. According to museum manager and local historian, Bethany Groff Dorau, she elaborates with evidence from Kevin Ashton: “The term ‘Internet of Things’ itself is believed to have been coined in 1999, at a presentation to industrial giant Procter & Gamble by Kevin Ashton, then a marketer with the company. Ashton was interested...
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Neuropsychological Impact of Technology on Children

Technology has become an essential part of society in the 21st century, used by all ages, and for all purposes. A survey by ABS in 2018 found that 87% of Australians (>15 years of age) are Internet users, with the highest proportion of Internet users, 98%, being those aged between 15-17. Moreover, ABS also reports that around 97% of households with persons under the age of 15 has access to the Internet. Around 91% of Australians use laptops, computers, and...
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A Critical Look at the Blockchain Revolution and Its Socio-Economic Impact

Stepping away from blockchain’s economic impact, its impact on society as a whole is just as influential. Firstly, the creation of digital identities not only affords individuals financial inclusion but also political and social opportunities such as the right to vote. Moreover, these identities enable us to prevent human trafficking, forced labor and child labor (Lapointe & Fishbane, 2018). Blockchain has also been used to store land registry information to allow individuals to prove their land ownership, preventing fraud and...
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The Importance of Digital Literacy in the 21st Century

Increasing developments in technology and digital communication continuously affects learners in both contemporary educational contexts, and informal learning environments. It is fundamental for educators to acknowledge the benefits and complications of digital literacies to secondary students, as they implicate learners’ potential for achievement in the twenty-first century. Additionally, a socio-technological society affects the relevance of digital literacy to dramatic arts education. Various digital literacies exist within both informal learning environments and contemporary schooling contexts and involve an array of complex...
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The Effect of Mobile Phones on Teenagers: An Essay

Mobile phone is an electronic device which people often use to communicate with one another. It used as a communication tool that allows its users to send messages, access social media or another platform that it provides. Mobile phone can be advantageous nowadays, since our community is building technology to access everything easily. In the other hand, but also it can create disadvantages if it is used often. According to a data from GSMA real-time intelligence in has implied...
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Education Through the Internet: Essay

Formerly, around ten years ago or maybe even less, we were not familiar with the notorious term ‘Internet’, but ironically, in many ways now it has become very difficult for us to discuss or imagine any aspect of the contemporary society without considering ‘Internet’. As a result of which at this instant education through the Internet has transpired as one of the major contrivance or concepts. The Internet has immense potential to improve the quality of education, which now is...
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Essay on Artificial Intelligence in Education

The coming times of education is substantially connected with improvements on modern innovations and computing capacities of the brilliantly contemporary machines. In this sector, evolutions in artificial intelligence open to up-to-date conceivable outcomes and challenges for educating and learning in higher education, with the possibility to radically alter administration and the inner architecture of institutes. Since the 1950s, different hypothetical understandings of artificial intelligence that are affected by chemistry, science, phonetics, science, and the progresses of AI understanding have been...
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Is the Internet Changing the Way You Think? Essay

Have you ever thought about how the Internet affects our cognitive abilities and changes our way of thinking? According to ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid?’ by Nicholas Carr, the Internet is affecting our process of thinking. The Internet is our ‘short way’ to answer which is causing us to decrease our independence. It’s affecting our professional and our personal life, which we can’t separate them to live a more balanced life. We are treating the Internet as an extension of...
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Benefits and Drawbacks of the Internet of Things

As a person living in the 21st century, being part of the whole technological world and interacting in it as well, I can claim that the advantages of the Internet of Things are really contributing to a far more effortless lifestyle. The average number of connected devices per person has more than doubled in the last year hitting 4.3 and it is even predicted that by 2050 the number will reach 25. Personally, I believe that the predicted number is...
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Positive and Negative Effects of Children's Use of Devices

In today’s society, all you see is the use of technology. Technology has both positive and negative effects. You may see people using it for useful purposes while others use it just to kill time. The more that human beings use it, whether good or bad, leads to more future high-end products being promoted. The further it becomes positively boosted it becomes to have control over most of our lives. As life goes on each generation is being introduced to...
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Is Artificial Intelligence Dangerous? Essay

Is artificial intelligence really helpful to humanity or is it a threat, that we just don’t see? Artificial intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that are normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and translation between languages. It truly has lots of advantages in the advancement of our daily living. However, contradicting the advantages, disadvantages also outgrow through it. Machines, computer and other highly technical things are disseminated...
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Essay on the Benefits of the Internet

Nowadays world is fully dependent on the Internet in all areas of activity. It is used to interact with the people from one place to another place easily. It is the global system that connects the networks and devices by using the Internet protocol. In 1960s, Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf invented the Internet. The workable protocol of the Internet came with the creation of ARPANET it is expanded as the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. It is used...
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