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Friedrich Engels Inspired Utopia Essay

History and Politics are a perfect complementary combination of subjects. Above all else, the fluctuating nature of these subjects due to differing interpretations has garnered my passion. Studying History has allowed me to gain knowledge on a wide range of periods varying from Stalin to the Tudors. Topics of such diversity have allowed me to procure a more holistic but by no means complete, idea of history. It's fascinating to see how global events in history and politics interlink. Nations,...
2 Pages 688 Words

Essay on Figurative Language in 'The Road Not Taken'

Robert Frost was one of America's rare public literary figures' born on March 26, 1874. Frost was the only poet to receive four Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry. In 1960, President John F. Kennedy presented Frost with the United States Congressional Gold Medal in appreciation of his poetry, which he received in March 1962. Frost’s 'The Road Not Taken,' presented many uses of poetic devices such as imagery, sound devices, and figurative language. I believe The Road Not Taken describes a...
1 Page 437 Words

Essay on 'The Truth the Dead Know'

Confessional poetry was considered bold and daring from the late 1950s to the 1980s as it was a break from the more modernist forms of poetry at this time. Confessional poetry is a form of self-revelation in a lot of cases and is extremely personal. (Beach, 154) Anne Sexton is one of the most known poets to use this form, and is considered to be the ‘mother of confessionalism’. Born in 1928 in Massachusetts to a family that was considered...
2 Pages 892 Words

Poetry Explication on 'The Road Not Taken' Essay

The main aim and purpose of this paper are to analyze Robert Frost's poem 'The Road Not Taken' from the point of view of stylistic analysis. This analysis deals with the different aspects of stylistics such as the lexico-syntactic, patterns and choices, semantically, grammatically, graph logically, and phonological. This poem is about the selection of choice between right and wrong in the life which we deal with in this analysis. This poem applies to everyman life because of its natural...
5 Pages 2496 Words

Nothing But the Truth Essay

In the documentary novel by Avi, “Nothing But the Truth,” the outcome can be blamed on multiple people, depending on which side you take in the story. Philip is mostly to blame for the outcome, having started the whole story by breaking a known rule, telling a one-sided story, and by disrespecting Miss Narwin and the school administration. One reason Philip is to blame for the outcome is breaking a known rule regarding the national anthem. In a memo about...
1 Page 590 Words

Alone' by Edgar Allan Poe Analysis Essay

Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickinson both convey a similar theme of loneliness, through their poems Alone and The Loneliness One Dare not Sound. Specific poetic techniques such as imagery, metaphors, personification, and the tone of the poems are used to explain to the reader the sadness and isolation a person feels when they don’t believe they fit into society. Throughout both Poe and Dickinson’s poems imagery, metaphors, and personification are used to confront readers with the feelings and emotions...
2 Pages 745 Words

Imagery in 'The Road Not Taken' Essay

The speaker in Robert Frost's 'The Road Not Taken' offers the reader insight into human nature with every line of poetry. While, Frost had not in the beginning meant for this to be an inspirational poem, line by line, the speaker is encouraging each reader to seek out his or her private path in the trip of life. Romanticizing the rural woods of New England creates the best setting for the theme of self-discovery laid out and described by the...
1 Page 615 Words

Animal Farm': Utopia to Dystopia Essay

In Animal Farm, George Orwell attempts to lay bare the hypocrisy, brutality, and moral corruption at the heart of the Soviet Union under Stalin. At the time when Orwell wrote the book, a disturbingly high proportion of leftist intellectuals in Western Europe and the United States genuinely believed that the USSR was some kind of socialist utopia which provided an example for the nations of the capitalist West to emulate. Orwell aimed to challenge this distorted worldview by exposing the...
1 Page 422 Words

The Road Not Taken' Theme Essay

Being considered one of the most recognizable poets within American poetry Robert Frost offers the rhetorical question in his work “The Road Not Taken” ( If I were asked about what the poem is about, I would reply in several words it is about life, choice, and regret. Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” speaks both about the inevitability of choices in our lives and their consequences, which are most typically revealed in regret and justifications as a way of...
2 Pages 766 Words

Literary Analysis of 'The Seventh Man' and the Theme of Guilt Highlighted in It

Imagine taking a daily stroll down the street and witnessing something unexpected: a bully in action. As a witness to this terrible incident, the immediate thought is to intervene, but the physical response is to ignore and avoid the situation. This is the exact dilemma the seventh man faced in the story 'The Seventh Man'. Many people believe that the seventh man should not be held responsible for K.’s death because he was only a child and ran away in...
2 Pages 868 Words

King Lear as a Tragic Hero: Argumentative Essay

Tragic heroes are characters of nobility; they are held in a higher status but suffer a reversal of fortune through their own flaws. Even the most noblemen can succumb to their flaws and suffer the consequences, as illustrated in 'King Lear'. King Lear’s tragic flaw is his blindness, which eventually leads to his own demise. In Act 1, Lear ineffectively divides his kingdom among his three daughters. Goneril and Regan persuade him through flattery, and Cordelia remains truthful and tells...
1 Page 486 Words

Essay on 'Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress' Analysis

In the novel Balzac and the Little Seamstress, Dai Sijie vividly presents the theme of the power of story-telling by exploiting the development of relationships between friends or lovers and the development of individual characters throughout the book. To begin, Dai Sijie conveys the power of storytelling by showing the development of Mai’s storytelling abilities. The two main characters Luo and Ma travel from city to city in the countryside telling well-renowned stories or shows to the people for their...
2 Pages 1027 Words

Maus' Analysis Essay

One in six people murdered in the holocaust were murdered in Auschwitz this is where the main character Vladek from Maus spent a year of his life. Maus I and Maus II by Art Spiegelman is a history novel based on real events and a real story. The graphic novel is about the author Art Spiegelman's father's journey through the holocaust as a Jewish man in WW2. The article is called “Gunman in Egypt Attack Bus Carrying Christians Killing at...
2 Pages 778 Words

Maus' Response Essay

The graphic novel Maus was written by Art Spiegelman. The novel consists of two novels inside, the first novel My Father Bleeds History, was written in 1986, and the second, And Here My Troubles Began in 1992. The two novels were first combined and published as one novel in 1996. The inspiration behind the novels is to share the story of Vladek Spiegelman, and how he survived the Holocaust in World War 2. The first novel My Father Bleeds History,...
2 Pages 718 Words

Essay on 'Salvation' by Langston Hughes

The word salvation is defined as preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss. Most people would naturally jump at an opportunity to save themselves from the aforementioned negative and unpleasant consequences, regardless of the means needed to achieve it. It is the goal of most religions and Christianity in particular, to offer believers salvation from punishment due to their sins. Specifically, a ritual for salvation in Christian tradition offers the steadfast believer undeniable assurance that they are safe, and...
4 Pages 1752 Words

Essay on 'Cross' by Langston Hughes Analysis

In the 1920’s, racial tensions were high. Langston Hughes grew up during this time and was not immune to discrimination. Hughes was half black and half white, resulting in an intense internal conflict. This is shown in the poem “Cross”, Hughes is struggling with his identity and is unsure where he falls when it comes to race. To feel like you don’t belong is a scary thing, for Hughes, it was his every day. “Cross” is written in first person...
1 Page 558 Words

Essay on 'Cranes' Short Story

Have you ever felt that your opinions and beliefs oppose the wider set of beliefs held by your society? In the narrative “Shakespeare In The Bush”, Laura Bohannan explores this exact topic — whether the opinions humans hold are universal. Bohannan argues human nature is universal throughout the world in Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. Bohannan gets a chance to confirm this idea during her stay with the Tiv tribe in Africa, due to the society being a drastic contrast to her modern...
6 Pages 2639 Words

Essay on 'Catch the Moon' Short Story

Through the archetypes in the short story Catch the Moon, Judith Ortiz Cofer teaches the reader that love heals all. One archetype in Catch the Moon is The Crossroads, which is a place or time of decision where a real realization is made and change or penance results. The Crossroads is a symbolic archetype for the life-changing decision that Luis makes that night because of the love he remembers from his mother. An example of this archetype is “Then Luis...
1 Page 436 Words

Essay on 'Dreams' by Langston Hughes Meaning

Life is filled with adversity, lost dreams, and suffering. Thus, making life challenging and onerous. Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun” and Langston Hughes’s poems both use the themes of broken dreams, poverty, and determination to show the struggle that African Americans faced during the 1950s. The authors may have similar themes but their works explain them differently. A dream is valuable, but also fragile. The authors Langston Hughes and Lorraine Hansberry use the American Dream as a theme...
2 Pages 886 Words

Essay on What Is the Theme of 'Harlem' by Langston Hughes

To Langston Hughes, Harlem was much more than just a geographical location, for the author the city was an entity in itself. During the rebirth of Harlem, there was electricity, a resonance that was clear to those residing there. Harlem was the center of black life in New York City. It was alive with jazz and importantly the mood was one of progress, hope, and possibility. Harlem was its music, and its place, and Hughes and others were well aware...
5 Pages 2196 Words

Essay on Langston Hughes' 'Merry Go Round'

Langston Hughes’s poem Merry-Go-Round was published in 1942. During that time in the United States, many things were going on, to name a few, there was the race riot, the first published issue of the Negro Digest, the first African American to go to space, the United State Marine Corps allowing African American men for the first time (but in a segregated facility), the Congress of Racial Equality in Chicago was organized and started a sit-in at a restaurant in...
1 Page 536 Words

Essay on Langston Hughes 'Suicide's Note'

Poetry has no true meaning. This means it is one of a kind to anyone. However, we can distinguish the difference between poetry and different literature. To me, poetry lets a person categorize their emotions and use literary devices to further explain their point of view to the reader. Poetry uses many different forms of multidimensional languages to connect to us significantly more easily. “Suicide’s Note” by Langston Hughes and “Richard Cory” by Edward Arlington Robinson utilizes symbolism, irony, and...
2 Pages 1036 Words

Essay on Figurative Language in 'Mother to Son' by Langston Hughes

Poetry conveys various universal human issues such as the journey of life, struggles, and making choices. Two poems that convey universal human issues include the poem mother to Son by Langston Hughes and The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. The poem mother to Son by Langston Hughes is an uplifting, poem on never giving up. It is about a mother advising her son on the challenges, and struggles of life, and encourages him to follow her and push through...
1 Page 429 Words

Essay on Figurative Language in 'I Too' by Langston Hughes

'The conventions of modern poetry can also lend themselves to the voice of protest for the subversive minorities '. This statement is pointful because the Harlem Renaissance and Langston Hughes's poem, ' I, Too ' portrays a perfect example of how the conventions of modern poetry can also lend themselves to the voice of protest for subversive minorities like African Americans. The poem ' I, Too ' and Harlem Renaissance are interconnected. Because this poem was written by Langston Hughes...
2 Pages 857 Words

Essay on 'One Friday Morning' by Langston Hughes

One may reject their culture or societal beliefs to form their identity and develop a unique character. In the short story “Names Nombres” by Julia Alvarez, she describes the struggles of being an immigrant in New York City. People mispronounced her name, the Alvarez family held different social etiquette than accepted in the United States, and she was treated like a strange, new creature rather than an individual. Over time, she comes to accept the mispronunciations and nicknames others bestow...
3 Pages 1579 Words

Essay on Butterfly Effect in Short Story

Rarely does an adventure revolve around the treasure hunt ahead alone or a romance relies merely on how attractive the sweethearts are. Rather any successful story instinctively acts around a latent fabric serving as a purpose that truly defines that story’s essence beyond its surface. The theme is that purpose, that sense of meaning. However, to define a theme, one must look not only beyond the critical idea itself, but how a theme adds greater dimensions to what tale it...
2 Pages 770 Words

Pride and Prejudice' Proposal Essay

Pride and Prejudice: Finding love in a time when love was not the priority. Marrying someone for love was uncommon in the late 1700s. Most found suitable partners who elevated their status or wealth. Affluent women married well-to-do men. Women sought out men who could benefit their societal position. Jane Austen inferred this in her writings consistently and accurately. All six of Austen’s novels explore women’s pursuit of marriage in terms of social standing and fiscal security. In Pride and...
2 Pages 1030 Words

The Outsiders' 5 Paragraph Essay

Bob begins the novel as the emblem of all things “Soc”—that is, all things rich, smug, entitled, and different from Ponyboy and his friends. The ominous blue Mustang that appears and reappears throughout the novel highlights the economic difference between Bob and Ponyboy; it’s as if Ponyboy cannot see past the beautiful car to the frightened boy behind the wheel. Cherry comments on the sense of coldness and reserve that Bob and the Socs project. This aloofness directly contrasts with...
1 Page 593 Words

Essay on Celeste Ng's 'Everything I Never Told You' and the Butterfly Effect It Depicts

At the right time, a flap of a butterfly wing can create a hurricane. People would oversee the power of the insignificant flap, but the destruction it would cause would leave people shocked. This idea is also represented in the novel 'Everything I Never Told You' by talking about how even the smallest detail can impact the final ending. Celeste Ng sets the setting in Ohio, where a Chinese-American family lives. The community does not see nor treat them as...
1 Page 523 Words

A&P' by John Updike: Literary Analysis Essay

John Updike is viewed as one of the best writers in present-day American history. He is known for the idea that common parts of American life can be very captivating. He desired for the audience to see the excellence and enchantment of life, so he attempted to depict ordinary things utilizing the clearest yet wonderful language conceivable. A significant number of Updike's pieces are drawn from his very own life. Updike’s story method is investigated through the examination of plot...
1 Page 608 Words
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