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Short Story Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been Versus the Film Smooth Talk: Comparative Analysis

The belief of valuing a human’s life may be inherent and unequivocal by most people. Nevertheless, there are people in the world that do not acknowledge the importance of one’s life and choose to be careless over the fact and proceed to take advantage of anyone, regardless of the consequences. These types of people were either taught not to value humanity at birth or elect to treat others as objects or use them as pawns to further their own personal...
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Scarlet Letter as Romance and Historical Novel: Analytical Essay

In combining realistic and imaginative elements to tell a moving and dreamlike story, The Scarlet Letter is an example of the romance genre. In fact, the novel`s original title was The Scarlet Letter: A Romance. While today we think of romances as love stories, and The Scarlet Letter does contain love scenes between its two protagonists, the term romance as Hawthorne uses it refers to a work of fiction that does not adhere strictly to reality. In the preface of...
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Satire in Gulliver's Travels: Critical Analysis

Gulliver’s Travels, or Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World. In Four Parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and then a Captain of Several Ships is a 1726 prose satire by the Irish writer and clergyman Jonathan Swift, satirizing both human nature and the ‘travelers’ tales’ literary subgenre. It is Swift’s first-rate recounted full-length work, and a classic of English literature. Swift claimed that he wrote Gulliver’s Travels ‘to vex the world as a replacement than divert it....
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Satire and The Presidency: Analytical Essay

The 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States expresses that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” This led to lengthy quarrels as to the length at which citizens can sufficiently critique their civic leaders. Members of the press, the...
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Reflective Essay on the Poem ‘My Last Duchess’

Both of these poems explore the aspect of murder and the motivations behind it, however they have distinct ideas at the heart of the poems which make them all unique. My inceptive reaction of ‘The Laboratory’, was pure horror and devastation. I found it hard to believe that a human could plan in such a cold and calculating way, yet I also found this intriguing. “Not that I bid you spare her the pain! Let her death be felt and...
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Poetry Analysis: The Chimney Sweeper, Mending Wall and Channel Firing

Poems by William Blake Primarily, Blake intends to expose the cruelty of life and society as well as the consequences of the Christians’ beliefs regarding suffering and hardship. The Chimney Sweeper begins by informing readers that the speaker was quite young when a tragic event occurred by stating, “ When my mother died I was very young” (Blake Songs of Innocence). Even though the poem does not reveal what killed the boy’s mother, it alludes that her death somehow influenced...
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John Steinbeck’s Novel The Grapes of Wrath: Critical Reader's Review

John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath (1939) is a novel that explores and highlights the modern gender roles of his generation, it is also one which portrays Steinbeck’s modernized ideology towards the traditional patriarchal system during a time of great change. The proletarian novelist displayed his ability to perfectly portray the hardships faced during his experience of The Great Depression, allowing his readers to experience it through the eyes of his detailed and vivid Characters. During the depression there was...
4 Pages 1693 Words

John Milton's Paradise Lost as an Epic Poem: Analytical Essay

They create blockbusters ‘It was a dazzling, cool day in April, and the timepiece stood striking thirteen’, they bring metaphors ‘Whole world is a stage and all the guys and girls are simply players’, they frame sarcasm and irony ‘Cool, breezy and raining? I like Dutch climate!’. In all of these cases, it is clear-cut that they are not actually presenting the truth, rather just a closely relatable idea. Often there are huge dissimilarity between the occurrence and narration. However,...
4 Pages 1870 Words

Huck Finn Essay: Analysis of Twain's Satire

Ernest Hemmingway famously declared in 1935, “All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn.” One major aspect that makes it a contender for the “Great American Novel” is how the topic of race is presented within the story. The story follows a boy by the name of Huck Finn as he helps Jim, a runaway slave, to escape along the Mississippi River. Today, Americans have grown comfortable with racism resting just beneath the surface...
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Fake News and Satire: Annotated Bibliography

TV shows like John Stewart, the Daily Show brings attention to how effective the use of satire in The Daily Show is and the positive political effect it has on people. Some people might define political satire as something you gain entertainment, some also might define it as something used with subversive intent, where political speech and dissent are forbidden by the government. TV shows like the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Colbert Report, and Saturday night live are...
3 Pages 1521 Words

Essay on Paradise Lost: Critical Analysis of Poetry

Paradise lost as an epic poem: John Milton is one of England’s greatest poets. His ‘Paradise Lost’ is one of the best epics in the English language. Here the poet preserves the ancient tradition of heroic writing. In fact, an epic is a long narrative poem that contains a beautiful action, a great hero and a beautiful style. At Milton’s Paradise Lost one can find all three. An epic is a long narrative poem with a high and high title...
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Essay on Ozymandias: Critical Analysis of Poetry

In Ozymandias and London shows us that nature is the most powerful thing and that humans can not control it. The statue in Ozymandias shows the importance of human power and how we as humans thing we can dominate nature. This can be portrayed in the quote ‘near them, on the sand half sunk, a shattered visage lies’. Sibilance is used in this section because is shows that we can almost imagine the sight of the statue sinking and it...
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Essay on Ozymandias Analysis

Percy Bysshe Shelley represents throughout the entirety of the poem that eventually power won’t amount to anything and will be forgotten or to have no importance. All that remains of the statue are two “vast” stone legs standing upright and a head half-buried in sand, along with a boastful inscription describing the ruler as the “king of kings” whose mighty achievements invoke awe and despair in all who behold them. The inscription stands in ironic contrast to the decrepit reality...
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Essay on Novels of John Steinbeck: Analysis of Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Man

The epic Of Mice and Men was first delivered in February 1937 and tells the story of the companions George and Lennie, who are transient specialists in California during the Great Depression. George is Lennie’s overseer as Lennie is intellectually debilitated. At the start of the novel, they show up at a farm near Soledad in California where they find a new line of work kicking grain. They stay in a bunkhouse for certain different specialists on the farm and...
6 Pages 2830 Words

Essay on Hedda Gabler as a Modern Tragedy

Hedda Gabler is a purely modern text and a modern tragedy. Because Hedda cannot distinguish between the ego-inflating show gestures and the tragic death that sublimates the ego to realize the value of life. Expanded and reborn. Her helplessness, unaware of the difference between soap operas and tragedy, explains the gap between Hedda’s presumptive view of her suicide and our assessment of its importance. The demonic and ironic Ibsen has superficially resembled the end of a traditional tragedy. Hedda, who...
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Don Quixote as Blending of Fiction, Reality and History

Part II of this story is changing like how Don Quixote’s fantasy is changing, and it is turning a part as the story goes on. Reality is rising up in his imaginative world, and he starts to doubt his views. He is beginning to see the reality around him, and in one point he sees inns as inns not castles; also, he realizes that the peasant girl to whom he is falling is a normal peasant girl not the princess...
2 Pages 803 Words

Descriptive Essay on Satire Attack

Satire is a technique employed by writers to expose and criticize the foolishness and corruption of an individual or a society, by using humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule. A writer in a satire uses fictional characters, which stand for real people, to expose and condemn their corruption. A writer may point a satire toward a person, a country, or even the entire world. Usually, satire is a comical piece of writing which makes fun of an individual or a society,...
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Critical Analysis on The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

Criticism Of the Novel Whereas A Farewell to Arms describes Hemingway hero’s sense of alienation with his illusion of becoming the saviour of mankind and his acute consciousness of death, the central concern of The Sun Also Rises is the hero’s subsequent struggle to get over the depression of his alienation and learn to live in a world that “kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially”[7 ]. Many critics have regarded the novel as...
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Critical Analysis on Daniel Keyes’ Novel Flowers for Algernon

In Daniel Keyes’ novel Flowers for Algernon, Charlie, a 32-year-old intellectually disabled man, undergoes a newly researched surgical procedure that turns him into a genius. Being intellectually disabled means having severe limitations when it comes to mental and cognitive capabilities. Many with this disability have an incredibly troublesome time adjusting to life, and generally, have IQs equal to or less than 70 (Berger 1). Charlie’s IQ of 68 meant that his mental age was younger than his physical age, which...
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Creating Contrast between the Self and Society in the Novel: Analysis of Oliver Twist

Howes describes the self as ‘a construct of the mind, an hypothesis of being, socially formed even as it can be quickly turned against the very social formations that have brought it into birth’. By exploring literary narrative thinking, which emphasises the structure of events in terms of a human’s feelings and thoughts, a dual landscape is created by allowing for the contrast of the self’s stream of consciousness against society’s grouping and categorizing of the individual. In Selvon’s novel...
5 Pages 2093 Words

Connection between Crime and Power in Subcontinent: Analysis of Moth Smoke and The God of Small Things

Abstract Misuse of power and authority is a very dangerous dilemma of mankind. The class system is the main reason behind this uneven distribution of power among upper and lower class. As Karl Marx divides it into two classes, first one is upper class which is called the Bourgeoisie and second class Is The proletariat. This paper is an attempt to explore the connection between crime and power in the subcontinent. This paper explores debut novels of Mohsin Hamid and...
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Concept of Arranged Marriages in Short Story 'The Smell'

Oppressions in Ginu Kamani`s ‘The Smell’ “The Smell” is a short story that gives the readers the point of view of a young Indian girl, known as Rani, who lives in a household that practices vegetarianism and witnesses a tradition of an arranged marriage that occurs in her family. Ginu Kamani, the author, wrote the story based on her experience living in both Bombay and the States which allow her to explore the differences in cultures and traditions between the...
3 Pages 1382 Words

Comparative Essay on the Novels Mathilda, by Mary Shelley and The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison

In the novels Mathilda, by Mary Shelley and The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison; both writers convey ideas around the effects of traumatic events caused by deep desires. In Mathilda, the majority of trauma faced is based around the incestuous love and desire Mathilda’s father feels for her which ultimately leads to his suicide and Mathilda’s lonely death. However, in The Bluest Eye, Morrison examines trauma faced by black people in America. She focuses on societies impacts on the way...
7 Pages 3128 Words

Analytical Overview of the Novel 'In Cold Blood'

Truman Capote is one of the most famous and controversial writers in contemporary American literature. He was a flamboyant character, cultivating eccentricity and a certain taste for scandal, as you can guess from this self-portrait: ‘I am a alcoholic. I am a drug addict. I am a homosexual. I am a genius.” In turn adulated and criticized, he was one of the most controversial figures of his time. He entered literature at the age of nineteen with his novels, but...
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Analysis of Relative Clauses in the Novel The Pearl by Steinbeck

Relative clauses found in the novel entitled The Pearl by Steinbeck in 1947. This analysis based on the theory of Generative Transformation via Chomsky in his book. Syntactic Structure (1971) and supported through Bradford in his e-book Transformational Syntax: A Student Guide to Chomsky’s Extended Theory (1988). The findings of this learn about show that there are three outstanding patterns of the relative clause and clause structure Relative is an embedded clause that is modified through a noun in a...
1 Page 431 Words

Analysis of Poetry: Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience and The Tyger

All of the readings in module three are examples of poetry and romanticism. Each poem has great meaning. I am going to compare William Blake’s works “ Songs of Innocence” and “Songs of Experience”. These writings are very similar but yet different at the same time. In the works under “Songs of Innocence,” there is a sadder tone than in the poems under “Songs of Experience. Under “Songs of Experience it is more of a happier tone. They both tell...
2 Pages 683 Words

Analysis of Archetypes in Novels: Essay on The Book Thief

Death states, “Did they deserve any better, these people? How many had actively persecuted others, high on the scent of Hitler’s gaze, repeating his sentences, his paragraphs, his opus?” (Markus Zusak p. 375-76) 1942, was a year known for being the beginning to an unfortunate end. Although some survived the horrific war known as, World War Two, effects rendered and impacted much more than their social lives. Around this time, the Nazis movement took place in Germany and Adolf Hitler,...
3 Pages 1468 Words

A Perfect Day for Bananafish and The Masque of the Red Death: Analysis of Short Stories

The short story “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” written by J. D. Salinger, depicts how Salinger views World War ll, reflecting it in his story through the eyes of main the character Seymour Glass. The story highlights Seymour’s attitude and behavior after being affected by the war, which showcases his suppression and anxiety towards society through the psychoanalytic lens. The theme of isolation is prevalent throughout the story and Salinger achieves this through the effective use of language. To begin...
3 Pages 1460 Words

“Young Goodman Brown” and “Where Are You Going Where Have You Been”: Critical Analysis of Short Stories

Both stories “Young Goodman Brown” and “Where Are You Going Where Have You Been,” include protagonists that communicate with forces of evil in their normal lives. A few may believe that the evilness comes from within the characters themselves, but others may believe comes from within the Devil himself. The evil figure in “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been” is way more dangerous than the protagonist in “Young Goodman Brown” because the Devil’s presence is more evil, dangerous,...
1 Page 651 Words

“Ransom” by David Malouf: Critical Analysis of Novel

Composed as a literary novel that narrates through a legend of redemption and inscribed in the context of Ancient Troy is “Ransom” by David Malouf, which unravels how changes come to the reception of individuals in worlds. Such can also be said of the film “Invictus”, the two texts applaud the power of a changed perception as well as its impact on an individual, an institution, and a country. In addition, Malouf and Eastwood’s intention also coincides with the fact...
2 Pages 857 Words
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