Smoking Essay Examples

Effects Of Cigarette Smoking On Salivary pH

Saliva is a very important enzyme within the rima , It helps in maintaining properly oral health. secretion is ninety eight water ,it additionally consists of some electrolytes , mucus, additionally anti microorganism compounds and numerous enzymes secretion is secreates by the combined action of...
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Smoking and Its Effect on Healthy Eyes

Introduction There are many lifestyle factors that can affect ocular health such as UV light, alcohol, diet, however smoking is one of the most important factors to control as it can lead to several eye problems. Most common eye problems associated with smoking include age...
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Advantages of E-Cigars to Cigarette Smoking

Introduction Electronic cigars, also known as vape pens, are battery-driven and deliver nicotine through a fluid called e-juice. They were developed to curb the intensive increase of tobacco use (Qiu, 2017). Consumption of this substance, according to researchers, provides a better health living as opposed...
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Smoking as the Slowest Form of Suicide

Smoking is like murder; it’s risky. In the beginning, it might seem fun and exhilarating, but after a while, reality hits you like a punch from Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson. There will be numerous severe consequences waiting for you. That is why I will never...
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The Issue of Teens Smoking

Of late an issue has happened with youngster smoking. The number of youngsters who smoke has drastically risen over the past for a long time. This can be an issue since smoking causes enormous wellbeing dangers that lead to issues and infections that can kill...
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Vaping is No Better than Smoking

People do not understand exactly how dangerous vaping is to their bodies. Some believe it is completely harmless. Most believe it is better than smoking, and vape without thinking twice about what they are inhaling into their fragile lungs. This is because vaping has been...
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The Reasons why Smoking should Be Raised to 21

Should smoking be raised to the age of 21? I believe so, did you know that 95 per cent of all adults start smoking before they turn 21? What I want to share with you is why I believe the age should be raised to...
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