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Nowadays, there are a lot of options to support the education of black college students. African-american undergraduates can count on student groups, career development options, financial aid programs, and scholarships.

According to the statistics presented by PNPI, there was a significant increase of 73% in black undergraduate enrollment from 2000 to 2010. However, from 2010-2018, things have changed considerably, and the same enrollment saw a decline by 21%.

As seen from the data, learners of color made up to 13% of all undergraduate college goers in 2018. Only 8% of minority learners attended an elite college, while 15% had the chance to attend a highly selective college or university.

Despite all the recent norms and efforts to make the world equal for everybody, African-American college learners still face systematic imbalance that make it hard for them to acquire a higher form of education. Learners with darker skin tones attending and completing college require additional resources to make all programs available to them.

Since these students deserve the same opportunities as all others, the US colleges and universities have created a number of resources to cope with the current and future needs of African-American college-goers. These include career-centered support programs and organized social groups, among many other solutions.

Resources to Support Black Students at College

Modern colleges provide an array of options for African-American students. They are offered to get funding for their education, explore different career options, and network with former pupils, learners, and members of student organizations, companies, and groups.

Some resources provide networking, support, and assistance across a wide range of different vocations, job descriptions, and professions. More importantly, these college resource programs include on-campus, hybrid, and online enrollees.

College-goers can discover career development options and institutions, alumni networking and association, and explore groups to find even more resources and education/career opportunities.

Some organizations within colleges also have dedicated branches that make resources available for minority undergraduates. Let’s see what some of these branches include.

Student Organizations and Advocacy Groups for Black Students

There are a number of advocacy groups that support grads and undergrads of color. Many student organizations within institutions, universities, and colleges provide the same resources and support for African-Americans.

The main goal of advocacy groups and student organizations is to shift focus on the minority population and allow individuals to attend events that involve:

  • Other ethnicities and cultures
  • Engagement in educational and social activities
  • Building networks of relationships
  • Developing various professional interests
  • Pursuing talents

If you want to show your skills or join an institution as a freelancer to make a difference, you might require admission essay writing service to write a cover letter or provide certain organizations with a carefully-written list of your soft and hard skills. Below you’ll find a list of five most popular organizations and support groups for learners of color.

The NAACP is an organization that is fully dedicated to providing valuable intel, curricula content, funding, and other resources for teachers and students. It also connects African-Americans with educational leaders to help them thrive and advance.

The NBSU provides support and sponsorship for national, state, and regional forums that deal with the essential problems of African-Americans. Many student unions on top university and campuses of college for black students deal with different needs and interests and provide employment and corporate options, research guidance, study abroad campaigns, and more.

The NPHC is the result of long years of collaboration between African American Greek-lettered fraternities and sororities. This organization is dedicated to providing economic knowledge, training, and communication skills that should empower learners of color to overcome the inequalities inherent in the system..

This association is a membership organization that helps learners of color deal with issues and challenges that graduate diversity and education bring. The association also provides mentorship, career placement options, and professional development services.

The NSBE is among the largest organizations that deal with African-American grad and undergrad issues in the US. It deals with both pre-college and college resources for learners and provides support for professional and academic development and the advancement of freshmen.

Mental Health College Resources for African-Americans

All scholars should have various mental health resources at their disposal to help them deal with numerous challenges that earning their degrees poses on them.

From dealing with substance, stress, and depression to support groups, workshops, and counseling, freshmen and postgraduates of color alike can seek help for mental and emotional health. Here is the list of five mental health resources for learners to take advantage from.

The Steve Fund provides mental health resources and healthcare for people of color. The fund cooperates with top-rated non-profit associations, scholars, individuals, and mental health providers to help learners of color get the necessary support and assistance through numerous programs, support groups, and workshops.

The TBG is an organization that helps black women of all ages deal with the challenges and social stigma around therapy and mental health. The organization provides valuable information on the mental health of girls of color through forums, blogs, podcasts, therapeutic advice, etc.

Fully dedicated to encouraging and empowering mental health education among people of color, this organization is focused on the education of girls. It provides support, resources, and educational programs on the importance of mental health of young girls of color.

The BEMHC is an organization that deals with removing any obstacles in finding, collecting, and providing learners with educational content and programs regarding the creative arts, advocacy, training, and education.

This organization provides mental health resources for students to help the black community deal with mental health issues. It also raises awareness on the importance of proper resources and educational channels for scholars of color.

Financial Aid and Scholarships that Support Black College Students

Aside from corporate and professional opportunities, minority scholars also need funding programs that deal with the financial and scholarship issues specific to African-Americans.
Here is the list of five financial aid and scholarship resources for students of color.

The UNCF provides leading resources in community-building, networking, and mentorship alternatives and options for minority undergraduates. While essentially an advocacy organization, the UNCF provides valuable and relevant connections for African-American students that allow them to further pursue their talents.

The JRF helps young people of color become leaders by acquiring higher forms of education. The foundation provides access to financial support and scholarship programs.

The NABJ provides annual awards to African-Americans, allowing them to apply for graduate and undergraduate programs to become journalists.

Sponsored by the NAACP, this scholarship resource offers $2,000 awards to graduates and undergraduates.

Microsoft also provides fantastic financial aid and scholarship opportunities to support black students pursuing a bachelor’s in business, engineering, and IT.

Career Development Resources and College Support for Black Students

Career development is crucial for young people, as it pretty much shapes their lives beyond college. Black youth need networking and professional opportunities to work at recognizable organizations, top-rated companies, and other job markets. Here is the list of 12 career development resources that provide young people of color with career guidance, updated job listings, and mentorship programs.

This organization is fully dedicated to providing young, well-educated black grads and undergrads with access to relevant career data, seminars, and outreach to help them become professional physicists and physicists.

The NBNA provides resources to encourage black nurses to pursue their interests in the field of healthcare.

NOBLE is the organization that provides black youth with networking options, leadership training, scholarships, and financial aid.

Black Enterprise provides premier wealth-building, investing, and business resources for minorities. This resource has been providing essential business expertise and advice to black leaders for more than 40 years.

Black Collegian is a job search and career development platform that is designed to provide undergraduates and graduates of color alike with the best career options.

This magazine for African-American college kids provides valuable connections, recommendations, and suggestions for them to find great job opportunities, connect with leading professionals, and more.

The AACW is an online job board where people of color can list all available employers, job listings, professional offers, etc.

This organization is dedicated to raising awareness regarding the most common struggles of Aftican-American freshmen in America’s education and employment system.

This digital network provides solutions for minorities exploring career development options, employers, job listings, and more.

This resource includes educational content, panels, additional resources and platforms, and workshops for young African-American architects and designers.

This resource for black students operates as a database, and it provides them with information on available employers who are looking for young people of color available for hire.

NAAAHR provides young African-Americans with cutting-edge professional, educational, and career development options and resources, including mentorship and educational programs.

Even though we live in a diverse world, learners with a darker skin complexion still struggle with the lack of proper channels of education, communication, and employment. Inadequate preparedness, insufficient funding, and a lack of career development opportunities and information are still the major challenges that the black community has to deal with.

Besides, there’s also a lack of access to financial aid and other essentials, as well as professional obligations and time constraints for minority undergraduates. Fortunately, modern institutions provide black students with various options and resources to help their professional education and development.

We’re glad to help you discover some support options African-American students can benefit from during their studying and first steps in their future careers. Consider consulting student services in your college to find out what resources are available to you in the particular institution.

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